Bankruptcy Protection, Debt Jubilee, Students Debt and the Credit System

In this interview Professor Richard D. Wolff talks about bankruptcy protection, debt jubilee, students debt and the function that a credit system serves in our society today.

- Why are individual guaranteed bankruptcy protection and nation states are not?
- What is debt jubilee? What relevance does debt jubilee have in today's day and age?
- Why students and working class people taking on more and more debt?
- Why are students particularly vulnerable to predatory lending?
- Is debt being used by financial institutions as a system of control?

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Richard Wolff - Is Amazon the #1 Threat To Jobs? - The Big Picture RT

Prof. Wolff joins The Big Picture's Thom Hartmann to talk about major threats to American jobs.  Amazon is one of the most successful American businesses of the past few decades. But is it leading to job losses for American workers. 

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Economic Update: Housing Crisis US

On this week's Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on FED and interest rates, new US and China inequality data, BLS on wage stagnation, Ford and...READ MORE

Economic Update: Questions about Capitalism

On this week's Economic Update, Prof. Wolff gives updates on Caterpillar tax evasion, Obamacare, slave labor for immigrants, Harvard and slavery...READ MORE

Prof. Wolff Explains why Capitalism is Collapsing

Prof. Wolff talks with Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight about the impact of having Goldman Sachs CEOs occupying positions of power in the White House, the likelihood of another financial collapse akin to the one in 2008 and the importance of promoting democracy in the workplace. 

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Global Capitalism: March 2017 Monthly Economic Update

Global Capitalism: "Is Capitalism Fading? Is System Change Underway?"
with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30min of short updates on important economic events of the last month...READ MORE


"Trump's Economy: Talk vs. Reality" at Berkeley City College

The Berkeley City College Students for Socialism Club and the Jerry L. Adams Endowment Fund present "Trump's Economy: Talk vs. Reality" with Prof. Richard Wolff. 

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Be Very Very Careful About the Stock Market…Here’s Why

Prof. Wolff joins Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture to talk about what's really behind the bull market - and is a crash inevitable? 

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"Trump Signs New Travel Ban Directive" BBC Business Matters

Prof. Wolff joins BBC's Business Matters to discuss President Trump's travel ban.

President Trump has issued an executive order putting in place a new travel ban. Is it legally watertight this time? We hear from Ambassador Norman Eisen who was senior counsel to President Obama and David Rivkin, a lawyer who served under Presidents Reagan and George Bush senior.


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کێشەکە لە سەرمایەداریە

This article by Richard Wolff was originally published in English.

...بە درێژایی سەدەی ڕابردوو، سیستەمی سەرمایەداری خراپترین نیەتەکانی خۆی نیشانداوە لەنێوانیشیاندا داڕمانی گەورەی ساڵی


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