The Hill: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history

Professor of Economics Richard Wolff explains the dire direction our economy is headed towards as unemployment continues to skyrocket.

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  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-05 18:43:27 -0400
    However Mr. Wolff should you decide to assist the colonists this is how it could be done, God wrathfull indignant 666 image of man Rev 13 14. 2 nd coming 1996 reprogramming, China missing time..this Jesus Christ 2 nd coming then Superstar corona..However used jew israel disk Monetary…Horus aquired Sun Disk from local Netter Affluent, Monetary Corporate Great Society…No wrath and indignation of God, free and clear, what was shown non desirable 1 st time now clearly becomes desirable the second time, this while jesus shows himself for what it really is…a virus. Pres sanctions from jesus position # 1 corona virus rate on planet, to claim monetary corporate position the rate of superstar virus no longer a problem? Jurasic Park, concept thesis- The dinos didnt all die from asteroid impact but those left coukdnt adapt to the new order, We better than dinos? Marshall.
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-05 18:21:50 -0400
    I understand your possible hesitancy involved in doing too much for this country. But it was you that said that this was in uncharted territory even with civil war considerations. I was thoughtfull in providing navigational points for review. But you are of European descent. As moses was leader of hebrew, running off into land of Cainine with Egyptian Power, Germany into M.E. kicking ass with Rommels capabilities, we are next generation- Gods Titans Greece Rome Europe, then England w 13 Colonies affilliation with America Brasil 1 st place assigned with name america
    Osiris Nepthy…they aquired a reverse directional to Europe, by 18 th century the shining brillance of Europe was diminishing. But w Britexit 13 removed, Marshall replaces. Ridding alpha omega jesus from greek beginnings compleating continium, no kracatoa volcano toes dashed w stone…those that undercut European Colonies with generics now in need of our help? Its Horus Jurisdiction not mine or yours? Im form of Moses to Greece Rome..I threw off high loading dose of virus to this country and relieved Italians of difficulties, got it done advocies…Now do we help cesspool for Horus affluence or let it burn? Mr. Wolff Greece Rome….my 1 st responsibility, you of German French…This country never won revolutionary war the mechanics the machine did, Louisanna Purchase the machine set it up…Landru or worse. Ours is Human Form accomplishments thiers is that of a machine…Marshall
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-04 20:41:05 -0400
    Typical battle- Mr. Wiles recently gave warning about google drive services, when used they claim property rights and position to change what is being stored with them. I understood this, Youtube platforms realize funding from Google Drive A.I. diffuses info into these platforms providing a progression of talking points there after. I claimed this as Horus with Sun Disk…Mr. Wiles Set like, had Gab on and thru ext presumed to render these efforts as talked about but ineffective in changing anything, this person gets so angry with…then wait for the response, nothing against that which he had so bitterly objected. I dont play these games, Mr. Wolff 1996 Disk of Israel is fully loaded with monetary Corp affluence…everything you need via Heru with Sun Disk, opportunity. The masses of this country are in expectation, I have advocated for You! Dont blow it. Take on Corp Power with proper demands, get the people of this country thier Due! Heru with Sun Disk- Netter.
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-04 20:08:52 -0400
    Greetings Mr. Wolff and associates solar eclipse approx 7 yrs. apart completes 04082024. This is important Star of Egypt, Makanda may have something to do with World of Ma’ At -Lake of Fire of unworthy souls -Babi stands before and gives warning, actually with Fires of Paradise Boeing 737 groundings after Solemani was killed, jews that presumed to be gods that go before us no longer bowed out of fire, and Syria chemical weapons white helmets seman heads look at the pretty missles fraudulents, Douma Youma poison lettuce Not kilaue Madam Pele but Ma’ At with Volcanic…You are aware that 3 rd and 4 th worlds here have reversed positions Mr. Wolff? Tru News Gab ( white wash problem areas and things complained about cleansed) attempt to extend here? 1996 Disk of Israel into Heru with Sun Disk with Primary Platform possibilities. Take this seriously, Heru Netter,
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-03 14:49:30 -0400
    The overall theme Mr. Wolff is that there are numerous scematical platforms, we are wrestling for our forms benifit against enemies that reiterate primary lanquage and then call our form spoil and prey, trampling upon us as grapes ( grapes of wrath bk of rev 1400? stadiums high) We interpret Primary lanquage and claim it for our forms benifit, we have a great future, if we dont…..This is what I strive for, getting our due. This is why we need to take our opportunities seriously, if correct with the Heru Set ..We would realize a new and supportung base, making our lives high on human index, Corona Virus is schematical, if we shift and get 3 functional positions, it will no longer be so devastating. Good fortunes, Mr. Wolff, The Tiger
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-03 14:30:36 -0400
    Greetings Mr. Wolff and Associates, China recently attempted to apply Wolf Army against so much criticism. You seem to be the Best of … Its important to be properly counselled in such times and obtain to effective application. My concern is that your spinning out, I know how deeply passionate you are over the situation that happened in New York. How this really brought home to you the things that are wrong. This country based on large part of that which ought to live dies and that which ought to die lives and is actually strengthened- America. Schematical lanquage everywhere, governs everything, ex. Corona..Solar Eclipse 04082020 X pattern across country- Xi, Moon So. K, Corona. Clinton Ark Flowers Ark lost from house of Eli adulatrating Dagon Down wtc, Bathsheba Bathist Party…Everything is schematical right now. Im One After Moses in a sense, but have numerous platforms to attend to Egyptian Mesopotamian..China Qing Dynasty Hushenyin- Tiger Gods Army USSR two calvery officers pounced upon by tiger jumping out of balka est tigrovaya balka 1938, after loosing 25-40 m in WW2 went tit for tat with Western Powers pushed China from behind Great Wall get some experience Western Powers accomadating however Qing- Acads China with thier upgrade Tiger Gods Army USSR-Ubadian Dynasty, Surtsey Surtseyan 3 cont tectonics Land of Ur 1 2 3 Trumpets. Putin has to go. Chernobyle was connected to house our family bought in Warren County attempt to Rope a Dope, working to get them recovered. House of Eli lose of ark, Philistians sending ark on cart w mice..the god that delivered, David celebrating ref aaron with celebration to lord with calf, David goes to Bathsheba ref moses gold in the water…Im born of this, full of challenges, Bathsheba form of Tefnut Creation Cycle ref 3 landfalls Katrina Gustav Houma Tefnut Shu Lions ( this avenging against presumptous Fl.) Alot of Battles Mr. Wolff, The Tiger and the Wolf , we have a special communication. Heru has been excessively challenged, but in the mean time I think the basics are there, I encourage you to now challenge Big Corp. 43 bill Berkshire in Cash, bonds to gov for more cash? Mr. Wolff try, your a fighter, China has no Wolfs such as you, demand of Corporations, results should be forthcoming. The Migrating Ancestors from No. Russia into Gansu Corridor, Silk Road – Siberian Tigers 1 michrondria DNA seperation from Caspian Tiger, last Caspian Tiger commonly sited year I was born, I realize the Caspian…Restored base to Recover Russians. Changed browser now can correct spellings, much better?
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-02 12:17:32 -0400
    Greetings Mr. Wolff, 7 coyntries in 5 yrs, Why?, we dont know why. Our effort is deserving of knowung Why. Platform opportunity,- Heru with Sun Disk battles Set ( born on 3rd day of the epogomenial days that Thoth obtained from playing games with Moon, so that Sky Goddess Nut could give birth to Osiris, Set…) Shift, 3 positional goes functional- We become the benifactors- Heru and Set eventually become friends. Thus when our adversary wants to play u of all people, or jesus christ 2 nd coming 1996 superstar corona virus we can command the game premise with proper juristiction. Those that you have taught Proffessor Wolff are in latency, waiting to be applied where they become empowered. Big Corporations and the few presume all that money is for them, No it has been allocated for the many. They will become properly oriented from good efforts. The background for Set born on 3 rd day is not necessarily here and now applicable it is reference. Heru Netter.
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-07-01 16:29:58 -0400
    I know something you dont, numerous platforms i have been afforded opportunity to understand have a shift, successfully implemted that produces a 3 positional function schemat archecture, the prior position becomes est the osition after shift becomes functional. This counyry which shoud have incentive to shift is interferred with, those that have used it to stomp world 4 th beast Dan. Unto us, Unto us, sts. of the most high.., sanction this country or that wrath and indignation of god, because countries hidden demands arent met…all of this overplay now corrected with one schematical platform. This means that previous overplays are subject to correction. Please pardon spelling errors as the phone Im using doesnt allow to go back and correct, it drops down to bottom. Mr. Wolff should be encouraged to start making demands of big corporations themselves and get things going in the right direction? Marshall
  • Ethan Hamburg
    followed this page 2020-06-30 05:03:52 -0400
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-06-29 19:58:02 -0400
    The Tiger Snarls, The Wolff responds, the trillions of economic support have been made primarily to big corporations, no money increases to local state governments when thier tax base is diminishing, darkness upon the land, historicals in challenge, gun toting protests in Capital Bldg because of stay at home orders. The demostration to conclusion They dont like thier historicals, they dont like thier government- Understanding where? What is the response?, or Rollerball!, The Corporate ( Great) Society. Job stablity now provided by The Big Corp. that have been well funded, a vitally needed shift out of the dark storm into fertile possibilties. The Wolff has been doing a great job of educating the masses here. If shift is considered a survivable outcome maybe obtained. It maybe easier to change Corporate structure then to continue in that which is being destroyed. A form of Marxism in the heart of Corp Power providing a way in time of need. After Corporate…We can all watch Rollerball and Chant Johnathan Johnathan, beating the odds, restoring our pride…,Mr. Wolff, your Mother is in expectation of You changing things, I’ m advocating for you. This is not purely economics but also schematical where I try and keep up.
  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-06-29 19:19:02 -0400
    The Tiger Snarls, The Wolff responds, In pravda Commentary from article The Need to make changes. Mr. Wolff further the importance of your participation is very…This country must shift out of current positions Kali with bone necklace of those that she has killed the darkness unleashed upon the land-Shiva destroys for New Beginnings, the counter that should be applied toting guns in State Capitals. This is schematical, it will not change, this country will be destroyed. For thier sake and the greatness of your Mother, Please look for Commentary in Pravda. Im advocating for you to have real affluence, I believe you care. Any questions please Gmail.