Economic Update: When Stale Debates Distract

[S10 E09]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff presents updates on how air-bnb reflects workers' falling living standards, price-gouging anti-virus masks, purpose of Trump's record deficit, end of...READ MORE

DEMOCRACY NOW! Sanders and Socialism: Debate Between Economists Paul Krugman and Richard Wolff

As we move closer to the Democratic nomination, the Democratic Party establishment and much of the mainstream media are openly expressing concern about a self-described democratic socialist leading the presidential ticket. His opponents have also attacked his ambitious agenda. On Democracy Now! Prof. Wolff debates fellow economist and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman on Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism.

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Another Crash Is Coming Unless We Act Now

Prof. Wolff has some good news and some not so good news about the economy. The good news is that the next economic crash doesn't have to happen, the bad news is that stopping it won't be as simple some would like it to be.

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‘Understanding Socialism’ and U.S. Socialist Candidates

Prof. Wolff discusses his new book Understanding Socialism and the nature of the three major theories of socialism we see in the world today and how it's discussed amongst U.S. candidates and politicians. 

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Your Personal Debt is Going to End Badly

Prof. Wolff discusses how economic as well as personal debt is going to end badly. The U.S. is overwhelmed by huge government, corporate and family debt. It means that if the Fed were to raise interest rates – nobody would be able to afford repayments.

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U.S. Sanctions Russian Oil Giant Rosneft As They Ramp Up Efforts Against Venezuela

The U.S. has now sanctioned Russian Oil Giant Rosneft as the nation has ramped up its efforts against Venezuela. Prof. Wolff dives into the sanctions, penalties, Venezuela, the oil industry and what it means for the petro sector.

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Will Climate Change Provoke a Widespread Revival of Socialism?

Prof. Wolff's latest article for Truthout
"In the wake of Australian fire storms, global crop loss and catastrophic climate shifts, billions of people are recognizing the dangers to society and life itself presented by capitalism’s profit-driven despoiling of nature. At the same time, the last 40 years of deepening inequality inside virtually all nations have undermined their social cohesion, and increasingly, capitalism’s mechanisms are being blamed. Anti-capitalism is exploding across many political landscapes."

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Is the Democrat Establishment Coming for Bernie After Iowa?

Prof. Wolff joins Loud & Clear for his weekly series about the biggest economic news of the week. This week, Prof. Wolff talks about Bernie Sanders' appeal with young people and his standing in the race after the Iowa caucus. This interview appears courtesy of Loud & Clear

Economic Update: Larger Social Changes to Support Worker Co-Ops

[S10 E08]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff responds to a criticism aimed at how d@w focuses too much on the transition from capitalist firms to worker co-op firms with too little attention paid to...READ MORE

Capitalism’s Political Servants: Trump and Johnson

Read Prof. Wolff's latest article for Counter Punch
"For the last half-century, US and UK capitalisms led the way in undoing the parallel legacies of the New Deal and Europe’s social democracies. From its ascending Thatcher-Reagan couple to its descending Trump-Johnson imitation, neoliberal capitalism replaced Keynesian capitalism. Private corporate capitalists funded effective campaigns to celebrate neo-liberalism. The US and UK institutionalized it by de-regulating and privatizing further and faster than anywhere else ..."

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Economic Update: Capitalism's Uneven Development

[S10 E06]

This week’s episode of Economic Update features an introductory discussion by Professor Wolff on capitalism's systematically uneven economic development. From Marx's original criticism of capitalism for producing and...READ MORE

How Did ‘Socialism’ Become A Dirty Word?

In the last few years, socialist-leaning policies and politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have become more popular in America. Yet, the word itself has become a slur used by politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle. This short HUFFINGTON POST documentary explores how and why "socialism” became a dirty word.

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Trump's Economic Shell Game

Prof. Wolff discusses President Trump's State of the Union address and the 2020 election.

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On Contact: Understanding Socialism with Richard Wolff

Chris Hedges talks with Prof. Wolff about his new book Understanding Socialism. He explains how in the socialist dream, work is something that we should want to engage in, that means something to us, that brings us into relationships with other people who we value, who make us better people as we interact with them; “it’s a transformation of life.”

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Where Does the Federal Reserve’s Money Come From?

The Federal Reserve pours money into banks to support the economy, but where does that cash come from? And, more importantly, is that money ever repaid? Prof. Wolff explains how it all works and what effect it has for everyone.

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How Accurate Are the Economic Statistics As Told By The Government?

How accurate are the economic statistics that we are told by government, banks and financial institutions? Are some of these numbers faked, to help re-elections of politicians? Prof. Wolff explains how shrinking unemployment doesn't always mean rising quality of life, and how the inverse relationship between desperation jobs and the economy works and what effect it has for everyone.

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AirBnB Promises Successful Business and Positive Contribution to Society

Prof. Wolff discuss Airbnb's evolving corporate vision.

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State of the Union Address, Impeachment Hearings and Iowa Caucus - What a Week

Are the impeachment hearings just a movie sequel to the Mueller Report? Prof. Wolff discuss the State of the Union Address, the impeachment hearings and the fervor around the Iowa caucus. This interview appears courtesy of Loud and Clear

Income Inequality, 21st Century Great Depression

Prof. Wolff breaks down the latest Oxfam report on income inequality.

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Nobody is Disrupting World Trade More Than Mr. Trump and the United States

Just after paving the way toward a trade deal with China and major developments on the USMCA agreement, President Trump has now threatened to open up a new front in his tariff war.

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Former Wells Fargo CEO Agrees to Lifetime Ban From Industry

Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf agreed to a lifetime ban from the banking industry and a $17.5 million fine for his role in leading the bank through its massive fake accounts scandal and other sales practice misconduct. This interview appears courtesy of Loud and Clear

Phase One Trade Deal Officially Inked

The U.S. and China have officially inked their phase one trade deal, but this is just the beginning of the long negotiation process.

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An Economic Crash is Coming And It Will Be Bad

Prof. Wolff discusses with The Hill, the state of the economy and the potential impact the 2020 election could have.

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Affects of Major Tax Cut Considerations

Prof. Wolff weighs in on Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Economic announcing that the Trump administration considered yet another round of major tax cuts. Meanwhile, political leaders from around the world attended the World Economic Forum, also called the Davos Summit. While President Trump lauded the US economy in his speech in Davos, he mocked climate scientists, calling them “foolish fortune tellers,” and once again called climate change “a hoax.” This interview appears courtesy of Loud and Clear

Can Minimum Wage Increases Prevent Economic Recession?

Seven million people in more than 20 states have received a substantial raise as those states raise their minimum wage. Traditionally, stimulus like this from the bottom has been very effective at lifting an economy. To what extent is the lifting of the minimum wage going to be responsible for the economy continuing to grow. Prof. Wolff offers a bleaker view of the economy.

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