Richard Wolff Appears on Rechar News

Richard Wolff joins Rechar Rozhnama to discuss arts, economics, publications, and political perspectives. These activities are run by Rechar Newspaper and Nova group from Iraqi Kurdistan. 

The unique contribution of Marxists, socialists, and progressives is to see that problem behind all of the particulars, is a general problem. That is the problem of the capitalist system.

A system that organizes production in a particular way. It's the production of goods and services in the enterprises that do the work: the factories, the offices, the stores, where goods are produced and distributed, and the same for services.

Capitalism is a particular way of doing that. It organizes the work so that a very small number of people at the top (the owner, the chief executive, the board of directors in a corporation) make all the decisions, a small minority of people.

And the vast majority do what they are told.


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