Richard Wolff Appears on Kali Akuno May Day Broadcast

Richard Wolff joins Kali Akuno and Kate Doyle Griffiths to discuss May Day 2020 action, capitalism, and economics.

"This is the most important way to respond to this catastrophe that we're living through, which is mobilizing with other people to make the changes that are long overdue, but are now literally urgent.

May Day has been, for over a century, the regular annual day for working people, the working class, around the world, to stand up, to march down the major streets of America's cities, and of the cities of the world, saying, "Look, we live in a system that puts working class people, second, third, fourth or fifth in line of priorities. It shouldn't be that way. We know it. We feel it. And we're going to do something about it."

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