Boom Bust: China Trade Soars amid Quarantine

While pre-pandemic predictions for China trade painted a gloomy picture, those takes have not aged well as the lock-down has driven mass purchases of Chinese-made goods. Professor Richard Wolff analyzes the state of transpacific trade and the recovery path for the Chinese economy.

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Mohammed Hijab Podcast: Capitalism, Marxism and Islamic Economics

Richard Wolff joins the Mohammed Hijab Podcast to discuss the differences and and compare capitalist, Marxist, and Islamic economics and finance.

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Can Progressives Save Biden From Disastrous Economic Policies?

Article by Professor Richard D. Wolff

The key question then revolves around progressives inside and outside the Democratic Party. Do enough of them have the needed clarity of understanding, courage to act, and wisdom to see their deficit in terms of strong organization? Can those who do seize the opportunity to ride a return of class politics into U.S. society? Will they effectively resist both major parties’ efforts to silence and destroy them?


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Economic Update: Working Class Power


[S10 E48] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Biden's 'new economic team,' big US banks falling short in key stress tests, India's 250-million-strong general strike, interviews Flight Attendants Union President Sara Nelson, and more......READ MORE

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In Question: US House passes defense bill with a veto-proof margin

Professor Richard Wolff weighs in on the passing of an important defense policy bill by the US House of Representatives and is set for a showdown with President Trump, who has vowed to veto the legislation.

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Economic Update: Social Movement Gains in LA


[S10 E47] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses the immense social waste of today's US unemployment  the Trump ban on investments in Chinese companies, new global...READ MORE

Fault Lines: Worker Co-ops Safer for Workers

Even though the stock market is booming, the amount of businesses that have closed due to COVID is staggering. Professor Richard Wolff joins Fault Lines to give the job numbers and describe what is happening in the US economy.

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The Socialist Program: When and Why Revolutions Happen:

On this week's episode of The Socialist Program's regular segment "Capitalism in Crisis" with Prof. Richard Wolff, we discuss the obscene and widening inequality in U.S. society, the abject failure of Congress to do anything to address this even amidst the Coronavirus crisis, and what dramatic consequences could follow.

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Act TV: The Economics And Vulgarity Of Corporate Welfare

Richard Wolff speaks with Julianna Forlano on about the economics and vulgarity of corporate welfare.

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Boom Bust: ASEAN, EU Enter ‘Strategic Partnership'

Richard Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss the EU and ASEAN elevating their relations to a "strategic partnership"

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Status Coup: Potential COVID Depression

Status Coup's Jordan Chariton speaks with economist and professor Richard Wolff about the ongoing economic crisis.

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The Socialist Program: How the Capitalists Drive U.S. Government Policy

Prof Wolff joins The Socialist Program's weekly segment "Capitalism in Crisis." In this segment, Wolff discusses with Brian Becker how Wall Street rules Washington and tailors government policy to suit their own needs. These include outsourcing, "free trade" agreements and union-busting. Plus, we discuss Janet Yellen, Biden's choice for Treasury Secretary, and what workers can expect from a Biden administration. Brian and Prof. Wolff talk about the history of how the labor and socialist movements have organized to press demands and win concrete gains no matter who is in office.


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News with Rick Sanchez: Dow Breaks Record while 10 Million Jobless

Of the 22 million US workers lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 million mostly white-collar workers have regained employment and even benefited from record home prices and low interest rates. But what about the 10 million who are expected to continue to languish in unemployment? Renowned economist Prof. Richard Wolff explains how the crisis facing these jobless millions will have devastating circumstances for us all.

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Economic Update: What Capitalism's Decline Means


[S10 E46] New

This week's show is dedicated to a discussion of the signs of US capitalism's decline. Wolff explores the passage of US capitalism from its birth, through...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: Money Created Out of Thin Air

The Fed has created more money out of thin air. The Treasury provides tax money. All of this ‘money’ is going to big business and the stock market. Professor Richard Wolff joined Thom Hartmann to explain the differences and how the money roundabout work.

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The Rick Ungar Show: Measuring how the Economy Protects Public Health

Richard Wolff joins the Rick Ungar show to discuss some of the metrics he used to ascertain the state of our economy, including how the economy protects public health.

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Boom Bust: World's Biggest Trade Deal

China and 14 Asian Pacific countries have signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, leaving the US out of the world's largest trade deal. The RCEP deal is putting pressure on Europe and the incoming Biden administration to act and is heralded as a blow to US geopolitical power. 

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Zero Hour: Is China Eclipsing the USA as the World's Superpower?

Is China Eclipsing the USA as the World's Superpower? Richard Wolff joins the Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss. 

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Watching The Hawks: The Covid Holiday Season

Richard Wolff joins Watching the Hawks to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the holiday season and the future of student loan debt.

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Economic Update: U.S. Labor Battles Covid 19 & Politics

[S10 E45] New

On the first half of this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses labor's gains and losses, and the refutation of the claim that China's spectacular economic growth is...READ MORE

Streets Blog: Wall Street Thinks the Bike Boom is Over

“Moving people or goods has always bene very basic business in capitalism... So when it comes to the various transportation interests out there, they will, of course, do whatever they have to do to tilt the playing field in their favor — and they do will everything within reach to tilt the playing field against their competitors.” Richard Wolff on Streets Blog


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Boom Bust: Soaring Chinese Exports

Richard Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss soaring Chinese exports and the future of a trans-Pacific relations under a Biden presidency.

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News with Rick Sanchez: China Outpacing the US

Richard Wolff joins Rick Sanchez to discuss China’s meteoric advances in information technology.

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By Any Means Necessary: Dr. Richard Wolff Explains Why Capitalism Was Real Winner of #Elections2020

Prof. Wolff joins By Any Means Necessary hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman to discuss the real winners of the 2020 Election and the growing divide between progressive wing of the Democratic Party and the neoliberal establishment centrists who control it.

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Economic Update: No Matter Who Wins

[S10 E44] New

On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents the following short updates: Inspire Brands buys Dunkin Donuts, as big firms grow while medium and small firms...READ MORE