Thom Hartmann: What is the REAL Unemployment Rate?

It is crystal clear that the published unemployment numbers are set by the government at the lowest number, where the opposition push much higher numbers. Who is right? Anyone? Richard Wolff joined the Thom Hartmann Program to explain why the numbers we see can’t be trusted.


Watch this segment on the Thom Hartmann Program.


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  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2020-10-22 08:43:04 -0400
    Professor Wolff,
    I feel that the world is entering a “period of darkness” that may last a decade or more which is going to affect all of us on this planet. COVID-19, climate change, the environment which continues to be degraded, resources that are being gobbled up at an alarming rate, states and country’s that are in turmoil due to the increased deterioration of the social foundations of work, of family, and of life as we know it is reaching a crises point in the months or years ahead.
    In a year 2019/2020 that is nearly behind us, too much is upon the USA and the world that as one writer has put it so nicely, “we (civilization) have overshot the Earth’s carrying capacity back in August 2020”. The pandemic and climate change are both relentless and hard to get our hands around. This is going to require personal sacrifices, behavior modification, and collective action by individuals, families, states, nations, and the world.
  • Liz Phillips
    published this page in Updates 2020-10-19 05:55:26 -0400