Jacobin: "Bernie 100 Day Plan w/ Richard Wolff, Jeffrey Toobin, and Bolivian Socialism"

Prof. Wolff joins Jacobin's Weekend to talk about the recent elections in Bolivia and the emergence of a Socialist leader. 

"[Y]ou have an economist who has been working, not only in the practical matters of being Economics Minister and dealing with the problems Morales had, and his government had, but took the time to produce and to participate in a circle of like-thinking Marxist economists trying to understand how in a world so dominated by capitalism and capitalist imperialism, how can you carve out a way out, a way forward, and they found one in Bolivia they have now found it again and this is a remarkable testimony to the benefit of if you pardon the cliche you're doing theory and practice rather than debating which is the more important do them both let them cross-fertilize and you will get remarkable results like this defeat of the coup which is what this is."

Every Saturday starting at 1 PM ET, Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila will be broadcasting live from the Jacobin YouTube channel. “Weekends” will feature free-flowing and humorous commentary on current events and left political strategy, featuring interviews with prominent individuals on the left.

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