Nobody is Disrupting World Trade More Than Mr. Trump and the United States

Just after paving the way toward a trade deal with China and major developments on the USMCA agreement, President Trump has now threatened to open up a new front in his tariff war.

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Former Wells Fargo CEO Agrees to Lifetime Ban From Industry

Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf agreed to a lifetime ban from the banking industry and a $17.5 million fine for his role in leading the bank through its massive fake accounts scandal and other sales practice misconduct. This interview appears courtesy of Loud and Clear

Phase One Trade Deal Officially Inked

The U.S. and China have officially inked their phase one trade deal, but this is just the beginning of the long negotiation process.

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An Economic Crash is Coming And It Will Be Bad

Prof. Wolff discusses with The Hill, the state of the economy and the potential impact the 2020 election could have.

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Affects of Major Tax Cut Considerations

Prof. Wolff weighs in on Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Economic announcing that the Trump administration considered yet another round of major tax cuts. Meanwhile, political leaders from around the world attended the World Economic Forum, also called the Davos Summit. While President Trump lauded the US economy in his speech in Davos, he mocked climate scientists, calling them “foolish fortune tellers,” and once again called climate change “a hoax.” This interview appears courtesy of Loud and Clear

Can Minimum Wage Increases Prevent Economic Recession?

Seven million people in more than 20 states have received a substantial raise as those states raise their minimum wage. Traditionally, stimulus like this from the bottom has been very effective at lifting an economy. To what extent is the lifting of the minimum wage going to be responsible for the economy continuing to grow. Prof. Wolff offers a bleaker view of the economy.

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Economic Update: Exposing Economic Myths

[S10 E05]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff discusses how the "unemployment rate" is inadequate measure of the U.S. economy’s well-being along with the decline of the “real” value of...READ MORE

Economic Update: Military Spending and Debt

[S10 E04]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on France's successful mass uprisings (Yellow Vests in 2019; mass union strikes in 2020) that forced the French government to...READ MORE

Economic Update: Independent Media

[S10 E03] 

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on the sale of a co-op craft brewery to a large corporation, U.S. medical costs are...READ MORE

Economic Update: Answering our Critics

[S10 E02]

Three major criticisms of Economic Update are considered: (1) that we don't praise capitalism for reducing world poverty, (2) that we don't admit that "socialism has never...READ MORE

Oil and Iran Tensions Fall

Oil has slid slightly following a sense of de-escalation in the Middle East, following Iran’s retaliatory strikes. Prof. Wolff analyzes the moves in the markets and how oil prices have reacted.

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Economic Impact of U.S. Attack on Iran

Prof. Wolff joins hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou to discuss the impact on the economy of the new danger of war. This interview appears courtesy of Loud & Clear.

Economic Update: Capitalism & the Family: Myth VS Reality

[S10 E01] This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on the Job Quality Index and its U.S. decline, the French activism against President Macron's effort to...READ MORE

Next Subprime Crisis Looms

Prof. Wolff joins Rick Sanchez to discusses the explosion of car debt being taken on by Americans who can't afford it. They examine the dirty tricks that are used by car salesmen and banks, and ask whether or not car debt is becoming the new bad loan crisis.

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Davos Summit: Where Money Talks

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020, heading the delegation including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer, among others. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson's UK government will be skipping the conference this year. What can be expected from this year's forum for the global elite? Prof. Wolff explains why, in Johnson's words, this meeting is "champagne for billionaires."

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Fresh Year, Fresh Start for Trade?

As we enter 2020, could the U.S. and China ease tensions to ring in the new year? Prof. Wolff breaks down the developments that could be on the horizon for the world's top two economies.

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The End of Cheap Money and Cheap Loans

The Federal Reserve is pouring money into the markets and it is swinging the markets. There are $4.16 trillion of funds in the Fed and the GDP is only $20 trillion. Flooding the economy is a stimulus for the economy, but it has meant that we have become to expect and rely on low interest loans and money. Has it become too dangerous to take the country off its intravenous drip of cheap money?

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Prof. Wolff Talks Recession Fears, Trade, Strikes and More in End-of-Year Round Up

Prof. Wolff talks hosts, John Kiriakou and Brian Becker about the biggest economic news of the year, including recession fears, trade, strikes and more. This interview appears courtesy of Loud & Clear

Prof. Wolff's Media Trajectory Around Socialism

Prof. Wolff talks to about his media trajectory around socialism with host, Brian Heater and how his prominence has come in the wake of financial collapse, Occupy Wall Street and a new wave of leftist politicians that made once verboten words like “socialism” mainstream political talking points. This interview appears courtesy of the "Recommended If You Like" Podcast

President Trump Hyping Potential Passage of a US-China Trade Deal

Prof. Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss the state of negotiations of a potential U.S.-China trade deal that President Trump has been hyping, but could it all just be a charade?

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Prof. Wolff Talks About New Book "Understanding Socialism" on The Michael Brooks Show

Prof. Wolff talks about his new book, "Understanding Socialism" with Michael Brooks.

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Trump's Impeachment and Socialism in the U.S. with George Galloway

Prof. Wolff joins George Galloway to discuss President Trump's impeachment and socialism in the U.S.

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Recent U.S. Energy Sanctions Against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Boom Bust offers an in-depth look at the recent sanctions that the U.S. has imposed against Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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Protests Paralyze French Streets

Streets in France continue to grind to a halt as unions protest a proposed pension reform from the French government.

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Understanding the Left's Defeat in Britain

Britain’s highly anticipated general election resulted in a massive victory for the Tories, who captured well over the majority they needed in Parliament to push through the Brexit deal they want. The Labor Party, which had taken a nuanced approach to Brexit won just over 200 seats out of 650 leading Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to announce he is stepping down. Leftist analysts predicted a progressive landslide with Corbyn’s promises of protecting healthcare and expanding social services. What happened?

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