The End Of Bernie’s Campaign

Prof Wolff talks to Mitch Jeserich of Letters & Politics on KPFA about the suspension of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign for President. 

This segment begins at 13:50 here. 

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  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2020-04-09 20:42:06 -0400
    It is with a sad heart that I learned that our man for socialism, Burnie Sanders was defeated by the democrats and their rules that keep people like Sanders whom they do not like off the ballot!
    If your readers like the way politics are now going they are tuning it out. Now is the time for change, another choice for the voter to have their vote counted for change. Are we (USA) going back to feudalism?
    I say YES! What this country needs is a third party! Or your vote is just wasted or you will not vote at all. Mr. Sanders is the influence, he can only do so much, he could be the inspiration for a third party. Keep on reading!

    Americans Destiny
    It’s time to put words into action! We have all heard the critics of capitalism, and the periods before capitalism of slavery, feudalism, and the middle ages. If the analysis the way things are now tells us we need change we must not let our present system of government proceed as is, or our nation will go back to the past where the rich 1% will have succeeded in controlling the way we live! This 1% will extract the wealth of the 99% of us who have savings accounts, retirement accounts, etc. We will become all (USA citizens) homeless living on handouts.

    It is time that a third party be formed. The time is ripe for a movement to have a third party! Many, many people would join! Who are these people? The people who are: living on the streets with nowhere to go – homeless; people who are unemployed; those who are under employed and part-time workers, or those who have given up looking for work; people who have entered this country; all minorities, people who are dissatisfied with the present government who find it hard to believe in the rhetoric (mis-information) coming out of Washington, etc.
    Now is the time to form: The American Party for the People

    What is the American Party?
    • Different from the Democratic and Republican Parties! This American Party will not accept the candidates of either party, the parties of failure, the parties for the rich 1%.
    • Not very different from the elements of a Socialist party, but with changes and ideas that are defined for a better work democracy and a happy family goal for all people!
    • Not Capitalism as we know it today. More like a worker cooperation’s.
    • Looking for people who believe there has got to be a better way for national/state governments for all the people. Groups such as: a) Trade unions, b) work associations, c) from the business workplace where all workers have equal say in decisions are made, d) worker co-op’s) etc. will be accepted.

    Development of the American Party!
    • Believes in the American Constitution of the people, by the people and for the people, NOT of the rich/wealthy/the 1%/etc. who created the present situation in the world!
    • Believes in democracy, human rights “Deceit and Deception” will not be tolerated, the government and people of power must be truthful and be accountable for what they say, and do or they will be removed!
    • Present elected officials must represent the people or be removed from office, if they represent powerful interest groups and wealthy 1%.
    • Believes in representive government. Everyone pays their fair share through taxes including the upper 1% who are taxed at the appropriate rate, no loop holes or foreign ownership accepted.
    • All Court Judges must make rulings based on the constitution and not on the whims of the rich and powerful lawyers. The rule of law must prevail – civil liberties!
    • (more to come)
    Yes, this will be an uphill battle to form a new party. We know the present form of government will not be easily persuaded that a third party is necessary or wanted. The time is now with the turmoil around the world. The U.S.A. already has experienced some of this unrest, but a leader must emerge to coordinate this restless energy into something positive. If this restless energy can run/operate freely, the result will be a society falling apart and lawlessness to be the rule of the land.
    I propose that a group of people (12 at most) get together and do the needed work of laying the groundwork to form the American Party! At the appropriate time (now) the makeup/details of the new American Party can be made public!

    How can you and I help make the third party a reality! I am sure the talent of the people is waiting to go to work,
  • Liz Phillips
    published this page in Updates 2020-04-09 12:55:02 -0400