"Farmers Destroy Food as Millions Wait in Line for Food Handouts"

Wolff joins Loud & Clear's Brian Becker and John Kiriakou to discuss the week's latest news.

Listen to the show here.

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  • Katherine Phelps
    commented 2020-04-21 23:19:43 -0400
    Hello Richard,
    I am working with the UN World Food Programme to create software for fairly distributing essential resources such as food and medical supplies. I am insisting that we build into this software from the beginning the means by which to make it transparent and democratic. I used to be with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I’m not these days, but need to connect with people like yourself for at least a little bit of consulting. If you or someone who works with you would be interested in this project, I would be happy to speak more about what we are planning. This is meant to be Open Source, so the more the merrier!