US government can’t handle COVID-19

Richard Wolff says that the US government is ill-equipped for the focused effort required to address crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic on the News with Rick Sanchez.

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NY Bar Association: Preparations and Responses to Coronavirus In Different Countries

How did the US experience of coronavirus differ from that of other countries economically? What are the lessons to be learned and the changes to be made? Prof. Richard D. Wolff discusses these and other questions from the online audience at the New York State Bar Association.

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Economic Update: The FED's Rigged Money Management

[S10 E31] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses the following: the US is a poor place to raise kids according to a recent Forbes' magazine article...READ MORE

Hustler: Socialism Returns, Again

By Dr. Richard D. Wolff

in Hustler Magazine. 

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Salon: Is the U.S. a failed state in 2020?

Is the U.S. a failed state in 2020? Experts' answers range from "maybe" to "hell, yes"
A massive economic collapse, a pandemic and a democratic crisis — on top of massive inequality. It's not great.

Richard Wolff was interviewed for this piece in Salon.

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Boom Bust: Argentina Strikes New Debt Deal

Richard Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and economic lockdowns that have devastated emerging markets like Argentina and Ecuador.

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Loud & Clear: Mass Evictions Are On The Way For Millions of American Working Families

Prof. Wolff joins Loud & Clear's Brian Becker and John Kiriakou to talk about mass evictions facing millions of Americans. 

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Socialism The New American Dream With Dr. Wolff: Marxism, Capitalism, Money & The FED

Dr. Richard Wolff discusses socialism, Marxism, capitalism, money & the FED with J Bravo.

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COVID-19 and Capitalism

Richard Wolff narrates Gravel Institute documentary on the links between the pandemic, power, and capitalism.

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Economic Update: Pandemic Capitalism:: A View From Asia

[S10 E30] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses corruption of public workers' pensions, capitalist contracts displaced by legal fights, Canada's...READ MORE

Loud & Clear: Large Scale Failures of the US

The US Treasury announced that the budgetary deficit amounted to $864 billion for the month of June alone. Prof Wolff joins Loud and Clear to discuss this and other indicators that show we are economic collapse. "Stop believing the comforting nonsense that we are the greatest country in the world." 

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Prof. Wolff joins WorldsApaRT to talk about the state of the US economy.

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Economic Update: Today's Pandemic As A Crisis Of Capitalism

[S10 E29] New

On this week's episode, Prof. Wolff presents updates on company cutting candy bar size but keeping the same...READ MORE

Boom Bust: US Orders Closure of Chinese Consulate

The United States has made the call to shutter China's consulate in Houston, Texas, further chilling relations between the world's two largest economies as markets react to the growing rift. 

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Loud & Clear: Capitalism in Crisis

Prof. Wolff joins Brian Becker and John Kiriakou of Loud and Clear to discuss the latest economic news. 

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The Economic Times: India's battle with COVID-19

"A predominantly rural economy like India should use its population in low density non-urban areas to prevent the spread of coronavirus and build a more manageable food security system to counter the pandemic triggered slowdown, says eminent American economist Richard Wolff."


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Prof. Wolff joins George Galloway on The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway to talk about the economic downturn in the US.

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Economic Update: The "Great Debate" That Wasn't

[S10 E28] New

Throughout capitalism's history, the big topic in economics was how far government should intervene in the economy...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: Capitalism's Biggest Bubble Is About To POP!

Richard Wolff joined Thom Hartmann to talk about how finances in the US are a huge threat to the economy are and every American. 

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Richard Wolff: The Crash IS Coming! What To Watch For

Julianna welcomes back recurring guest, Marxian Economist Professor Richard D. Wolff, to the show to discuss how Economists are warning Americans that while the recent unemployment numbers were surprisingly positive, the long-term consequences of the pandemic could be severe joblessness for millions of Americans faced with permanent unemployment. And according to Professor Richard Wolff, there has been a widespread understanding among experts that a whole raft of jobs would be disappearing in the next five to 10 years.

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Boom Bust: Trump Signs Hong Kong Autonomy Act

Professor Wolff joins Boom Bust to talk about Trump's signing of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act and how the sanctions will affect China. "I'm astonished by the grotesque hypocrisy. Hong Kong was a colony of Britain imposed on the Chinese when they were weak. They always resented it. It was a lease, believe it or not, for 99 years. It expired 20 years ago and the Chinese have been saying for 20 years that they want that territory integrated back into their society. Every business that ever invested in Hong Kong over the last 20 years knew exactly what the future held in store. Those decisions to take those risks have already been made and mostly this is posturing by Mr. Trump." 

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Loud & Clear: Collapse of Brick and Mortar and more

Prof Wolff joins Loud & Clear to talk about the collapse of brick and mortar stores, the systematic destruction of malls, and how that impacts already lonely Americans. 

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The Hill: Coming Economic Crash Will be WORSE Than Great Depression

Prof. Wolff joins The Hill to give his thoughts on new statistics revealing 32% of households have not yet made their full housing payments for July.

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Economic Update: Sports and Capitalism

[S10 E27] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on false "trade-off" between illness and economy, going from normal to extraordinary injustice...READ MORE


Prof. Wolff joins Jason Hartman to discuss the disproportionate pay between CEO and workers. The CEO to worker compensation ratio has changed dramatically. 

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