Thom Hartmann: California's Uber Exploitation Of Gig Workers

Professor Richard Wolff joined the Thom Hartmann to discuss the gig economy that employs millions of people. Gig workers have been abused in recent years, despite laws. Now, employers try to call people independent contractors, the employer saves money on taxes, while the contractor gains no benefits. The election result in CA in favor of companies such as Uber and Lyft is an incredible loss for workers rights.  

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ActTV: Capitalism Meets Democracy: Post Election Interview

Julianna Forlano welcomes back recurring guest, Richard D. Wolff to Waking Up with Julianna on, to discuss how we’re coming off of a whirlwind election day... and as we continue to wait for every vote to be counted it's important to take a good look at our election systems and how they compare to other developed countries. Professor Wolff is back on the program today to put the 2020 election in context.

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Why Capitalism Was Destined to Come Out on Top in the 2020 Election

Article by Professor Richard D. Wolff

"No matter who “won” the U.S. election, what will not change is the capitalist organization of the country’s economy."


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Boom Bust: Economy Under the Trump Administration

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy was seemingly thriving under President Donald Trump. On this Election Day, Prof Wolff joins Book Bust to take a look at the data and break it all down. 

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Upstream Podcast: How The Sickness is the System

It won’t come as a surprise to most to hear that the Trump administration has completely dropped the ball on their response to the covid pandemic. The misinformation campaign, lack of empathy, and outright failure of this administration to address the dangers and impacts of covid are jaw-dropping. But it’s not just a matter of this particular administration. Upstream podcast spoke with Richard Wolff about his new book “The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself,” which outlines how the root cause of the failure to adequately respond to this pandemic is rooted in our economic system itself — capitalism.

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The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 72 with Richard Wolff

Prof. Wolff joins The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway to talk about the upcoming U.S. election.

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Economic Update: Capitalism's Worst Nightmare

[S10 E43] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff explores what major social changes will flow from today's combination of major economic crash and the viral pandemic (capitalism's worst nightmare). To answer, we consider...READ MORE

The Backstory: Marxism and 2020 Election

Professor Richard Wolff joined The Backstory to speak about the legacy of Karl Marx and Marxism in today's society. Professor Wolff spoke of a great achievement of Karl Marx, which was his critical analysis of capitalism. Professor Wolff highly suggested reading work by people in favor of capitalism as well as those against capitalism.


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RT America: Why Wall Street is choosing Biden over Trump

Prof. Richard Wolff joins RT America's Rick Sanchez to discuss the comparative appeal of President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden to the forces of high finance on Wall Street. 

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The Thom Hartmann Program: Trump's Fake Recovery

Prof. Wolff joins The Thom Hartmann Program to discuss how President Trump is faking an economic recovery to bolster himself up before the presidential election. The only question now, is will Trump's lie work on the American people?

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The Attitude: Why do we preserve capitalism?

Prof Wolff joins Arnie Arnesen on The Attitude to discuss his article in Salon: “How Fascism has Converged with Capitalism to Redefine Government.” The tendency of capitalism is toward instability, inequality, and fascism and more. Wolff reminds us that Donald Trump is not the reason why COVID-19 is ravaging America. Capitalism is the reason. Trump is just a symptom.  Wolff explains this further in his new book “The Sickness is the System,” which explores capitalism’s flaws.

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Economic Update: Cuban Commitment to Worker Co-ops

[S10 E42] New

On the first half of this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the different metrics used for US unemployment, IMF on uneven recovery, money and US elections...READ MORE

Jacobin: "Bernie 100 Day Plan w/ Richard Wolff, Jeffrey Toobin, and Bolivian Socialism"

Prof. Wolff joins Jacobin's Weekend to talk about the recent elections in Bolivia and the emergence of a Socialist leader. 

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Economic Update: Progressive Social Media Surges in Canada

[S10 E41] New

On the first half of this week's episode, Prof. Wolff presents a critique of pandemic eviction and updates on: the real US unemployment...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: What is the REAL Unemployment Rate?

It is crystal clear that the published unemployment numbers are set by the government at the lowest number, where the opposition push much higher numbers. Who is right? Anyone? Richard Wolff joined the Thom Hartmann Program to explain why the numbers we see can’t be trusted.

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Salon: Dimming Hope for Another Stimulus Check

Richard Wolff shares his thoughts with Salon about the three-way fight between Pelosi, McConnell and Trump that is dimming hope for another stimulus check.

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How Fascism Has Converged With Capitalism to Redefine Government

Article by Richard D. Wolff

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KPFA Evening News: Trump using politics to build personal wealth

Richard Wolff joins the KPFA Evening News to talk about Trump as an example of many politicians using their political power to build their own personal wealth. "He says he's going to drain the swamp. And he did. He drained swamp that was helping other politicians and reorganized the swamp to help him."

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Economic Update: New U.S. Labor Militancy


[S10 E40] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the Geneva, Switzerland vote that's raising the minimum wage to $ 25.16/hour or over $50k/year; GOP block...READ MORE

Fault Lines: Gramsci and Marxism

Many people are looking for ways to redesign broken political systems. Professor Richard Wolff joins Fault Lines to discuss the VP debate, political history, Gramsci, and Marxism.

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By Any Means Necessary: Ruling Class Consensus on Display at VP Debate

Richard Wolff joins By Any Means Necessary to discuss the Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, racial inequalities exacerbated by the coronavirus, and how the contradictions of capitalism intensified by the pandemic will have ripple effects for years to come. 

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Zero Hour: the Sickness is the System

Richard Wolff joins RJ Eskow to talk about his new book, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself.

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Thom Hartman: Is Capitalism The Virus?

Why didn't the invisible hand of the free market save us from the coronavirus pandemic? Richard Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to discuss the themes in his new book, The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself.

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Boom Bust: How Tweets Shake the Stock Market

Prof. Richard Wolff joins Boom Bust to discuss how easily President Donald Trump’s tweets shake the markets.

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US Neoliberal Capitalist Dystopia And How Biden Can Fix It

Richard D. Wolff joins Julianna Forlano on to discuss how when is comes to the pandemic, we all know that the United States has been one of the worst countries to keep its citizens healthy and safe, which is of course because of the incompetence of our political leaders... But in order to truly understand the mess we’re in, we have to take a deep look at the Neoliberal agenda that has a death grip on our public health system.

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