Boom Bust: Big Biz Cutting Trump Ties

In the fallout from the Capitol Hill riot that left five people dead, many major corporations have begun to cut ties with President Trump. Professor Richard Wolff of the Economic Update joins the Boom Bust to lay out the recent corporate decisions and what it could mean for Donald Trump after his term is over.


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  • Agua Tofaceit
    commented 2021-01-19 22:55:04 -0500 Michael Moore: Need A Domestic Terrorist? Dial 9-1-1 | | Rumble w Michael Moore podcast | Ep. 156
    256,100 views•Premiered Jan 17, 2021
    RICHARD WE CANNOT IGNORE RACISM and only show up for THE RACISM as part of economic rage. THERE IS ALSO THE PERMISSION to allow FACIST power needs to go UNSTOPPED by the insiders in RIGHT WING from INSIDE GONCRESS.

    please address what Michael Moore is telling us about the Racist Facist Right wing. AND explore really how to deal with the raga of white folks who have been brutalized by WALL ST. AND how to wake up the us in that group who are letting themselves be misguided. WHEN IS THE LEFT responsive to going out and hearing the pain of poor whites????? ANd helping working class whites to see how to STRIKE DOWN WALL ST and the banksters!
    Again Michael Moore: RESEARCH the filmaker on FB
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2021-01-14 07:22:10 -0500