Thom Hartmann: Is Bitcoin Even Money? The Grim Future For Crypto Currency

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program for an update on the future of Bitcoin.

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Economic Update: Surging US Labor Activism

[S13 E01] New

In this week's Economic Update, Prof. Wolff discusses explosive labor militancy across 2022 in US and UK, Wells Fargo bank again fined for illegal practices on 16 million bank customers, US-Russia economic warfare undercuts European economies...READ MORE

The InnerView with Imran Garda: Inflation and Economic Crises

Prof Wolff joins the InnerView with Imran Garda on TRT World to discuss runaway inflation, economic crises, billionaires, and inequality. 

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The Economic Realities We Face at the End of 2022

Article by Richard D. Wolff

"For decades, wealth and income have been redistributed upward—with minimal protest by the working classes who were harmed by that redistribution. During 2022, working classes in many countries were no longer willing to defer their needs in the wake of that redistribution. Labor militancy, unionization, and strikes have all been renewed with remarkable energy and enthusiasm. Increasing numbers of workers are unwilling to wait and see whether or not long sluggish center-left and center-right governments and parties would do anything adequate to change the deepening inequalities, instabilities, and injustices of contemporary capitalism."

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Thom Hartmann: Is Bipartisan Retirement Plan Just Tax Cuts For the Rich?

Prof Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to discuss: "A new bill working its way through the House is being promoted as making it easier for people to retire. But could this really hide ta cuts for the rich? Known as the Omnibus Bill, what does it mean for you? And who benefits the most – take a guess!"

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MintPress News: Richard Wolff & Lee Camp: The Rise of The Multipolar World

Prof Wolff joins Lee Camp on MintPress News to discuss: the rise of the multipolar world. 

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Economic Update: What "Capitalism's Decline" Means (REPEAT)

[S10 E46] REPEAT

This week's show is dedicated to a discussion of the signs of US capitalism's decline. US history as the passage of US capitalism from its birth, through its state-supported growth and expansion, to its global peaking from...READ MORE

The Glenn Show: Capitalism vs. Socialism | Glenn Loury, LaJuan Loury & Richard Wolff

Prof Wolff joins with Glenn Loury moderated by LaJuan Loury to discuss: Is capitalism a “winner take all” system? and more. Recorded October 26, 2022.

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Economic Update: Inflation and Labor Shortage

[S11 E25] REPEAT

In this week's show, Prof Wolff talks about the social effects of inflation and the lack of accountability on the part of employers. Capitalist employers set prices with the only motive of maximizing. Employees, the vast majority, must live with inflation but are excluded from decisions setting prices. Employers...READ MORE

Economic Update: Instability - Capitalism's Constant

[S12 E47] New

In this week's Economic Update, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the Twitter-Musk scandals, critique of profit as return to risk, mass European union-led strikes against inflation, economic crisis of 54 poorest...READ MORE

The Chris Hedges Report: Inflation, Europe's energy crisis, and the Fed with Richard Wolff

Prof Wolff joins the Chris Hedges Report on the Real News Network to discuss the origins of the inflation crisis, the Fed's response, and what this all means for working people.

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Economic Update: Persuasion vs. Polarization

[S12 E46] New

In this week’s show, Prof. Wolff discusses the massive strike of Canadian public employees; economics of the unemployed; business owners,executives and lawyers dominate US state legislatures; and how rising interest rates push the most vulnerable to the margins of US capitalism. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Anand Giridharadas...READ MORE

Thom Hartmann: Will Housing Prices Collapse?

Prof Wolff joins the Thom Hartmann program to discuss: "There are three asset classes, one of which is real estate. As interest rates increase, which is starting to push prices down. Is this just in the US, or is it a worldwide crisis? All of the links in our economy, from fish out of Japan, to banana imports, are linked to interest rates and by extension, the housing market. How?"

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The Socialist Program: Cryptocurrency Collapse: Money, Scams and Capitalism

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss: "How FTX, which was among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has collapsed in one of the most spectacular corporate bankruptcies ever. In other tech-related industries too, mass layoffs continue to gather pace. The boom-bust cycle of capitalism is once again on full display."

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Economic Update: The Terminal Crises of Global Capitalism

[S12 E45] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on students' solidarity with workers at Smith College; US car industry manipulates supply/demand to inflate prices, profits; Teamsters strike, solidarity defeat Sysco Systems; Starbucks provokes its 250 unionized stores, and why rising wages do not "cause" inflation. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Prof. William I. Robinson...READ MORE

Zero Hour: Cutting the Crap About Crypto

Prof Wolff joins RJ Eskow on Zero Hour to discuss: cutting the crap about crypto. 

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The Socialist Program: Billionaires Order Mass Layoffs of Tech Workers

Brian and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the mass layoffs that billionaire CEOs at Meta (formerly Facebook), Twitter, Amazon, and others have begun. More than one hundred thousand workers are projected to lose their jobs this year just in the tech industry.

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World Socialism Studies, No. 9, 2022 [in Chinese]

This interview has been published in Chinese in the World Socialism Studies, No. 9, 2022. 

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The Socialist Program: Housing Market Whiplash Locks out Millions of Workers

Walter Smolarek and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how huge numbers of people are being locked out of the housing market amid soaring interest rates and home prices, marking a dramatic reversal for millions of people who were hoping to buy their own home. With prices spiking for renters as well, the failure of the capitalist market to provide something as basic as affordable shelter is on display.

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Economic Update: Nomi Prins on the Distorted US Financial System

[S12 E44] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about a new Congress report on huge US wealth inequality; Angela Merkel on relying on Russian oil and gas, the irrationality of 20,000 immigrants dumped on NYC, and Harvard exploiting its tax-exempt status. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Dr. Nomi Prins...READ MORE

Economic Update: Capitalism vs Socialism is NOT Markets vs Planning

[S12 E43] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff shows how the economics of existing capitalist and socialist economies make use of both markets and planning. The opposition of markets and planning is largely false and has worked to distract students and observers of economic systems from better differentiations such as how they differently organize their workplaces: hierarchical in the case of capitalist, democratic...READ MORE

A Deficit Spending Scam Destroyed UK’s Prime Minister—Who’s Next?

Article by Richard D. Wolff

"Most of what passes as “the economic policy we need now” is really pleading by a self-interested employer class. Raising interest rates to fight inflation is the big example these days. Among the forms and fields of class struggle, debunking economic policies’ claims of being class neutral is an ongoing battle."

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Status Coup News: Biden Should Copy Nixon and PUNISH Corporate Price Gougers

Jordan Chariton talks with Richard Wolff about the Fed increasing interest rates again, and Biden's lack of leadership to fix inflation and an upcoming recession.

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Thom Hartmann: Can Nationalizing Corporations Save Our Economy & Planet?

On the Thom Hartmann program: Can we nationalize our oil companies? Professor Richard Wolff explains what that means and why nationalization isn't the fringe idea many thought it was. 

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The Socialist Program: The Reign of King Elon Musk Begins at Twitter

Brian Becker and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how Elon Musk became the new owner of Twitter. The widely-hated billionaire immediately began to prepare layoffs, reportedly starting with the mass firing of a quarter of all employees at the company. Under the dictatorship of the rich, one of the main ways that people in society communicate with each other can become the private possession of a single ultra-wealthy capitalist.

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