Status Coup News: Capitalism + COVID the Final Straw for Worker Revolt

Prof Wolff joins Status Coup News to discuss capitalism and COVID, the final straw for worker revolt. 

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The KPFA Evening News (Saturday) – October 16, 2021

Prof Wolff on KPFA Evening News on October 16, 2021 on growing critiques of the economic system. 

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Economic Update: Cornel West on "Black Prophetic Fire"

[S11 E39] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the strengths of socialism in German elections, British and US public opinion; and the US policies that are impoverishing its Puerto Rican colony. The second half of the show features an interview with Dr. Cornel West...READ MORE

Economic Update: Signs of System Decline

[S11 E38] New

On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the following topics: US wars lost: against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Covid; private profit from climate disaster; systemic infrastructure neglect; decline of whites in US; UK fears about US loss in...READ MORE

Zero Hour: What's Wrong With the Nobel is Wrong With Economics

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss: What's Wrong With the Nobel is Wrong With Economics.

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Andrea Mitchell Center and the Penn Political Union: Capitalism v. Socialism

THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND THE VARIED RESPONSES among nations to the global economic crisis it sparked has served to intensify debates over economic self-governance. While the right argues that market economies proved resilient to the shocks dealt them, and indeed should be even freer to innovate in the face of new challenges, the left points to unprecedented government interventions that not only prevented economic collapse but even helped ease poverty. In this context, Rand Institute board member and radio host YARON BROOK and Marxian economist RICHARD WOLFF debate the merits and perils of capitalism and socialism as models for our economic future.

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Thom Hartmann: Millions Quitting Their Job – WHY?

Prof Wolff on the Thom Hartmann Program: We're seeing changes in employment patterns and supply chains as a result of the pandemic - What changes are long term or short term and how will that change the economy? Isn't the bottom line - Are people rejecting the, "do you want fries with that, minimum wage, economy? Why are millions quitting their jobs? This creates a shortage of workers, so are they not starting a new job? Profits are down over the past 18 months, so business are bringing back staff jobs at worse conditions that before. Why are business surprised that people quite and walk away?

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The Socialist Program: Labor Movement Surge: Workers Unite Against Inequality

On this episode of the Socialist Program with Brian Becker, Prof Wolff joins to discuss major developments in the labor movement as workers grow increasingly assertive of their rights. Members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees voted almost unanimously to authorize a strike that would shut down Hollywood, Kellogg’s factory workers are on strike, and workers at Nabisco recently wrapped up a successful strike action. Will this trend continue?

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Economic Update: How US Workers are Really Treated

[S11 E37] New

This week on Economic Update, Prof. Wolff pays homage to Mikis Theodorakis, Greek musician and political hero, and discusses Starbucks workers in Buffalo, the economic fallout of Supreme Court's anti-abortion act, what Hurricane Ida fatalities show, and the $8 trillion cost...READ MORE

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira: Cooperation as a Way of Life: Commemorating 150 Years of the Paris Commune

An International Webinar Organized by Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math, West Bengal, India Date: 5th October, 2021 Special Inaugural Session: Cooperation as a Way of Life: Commemorating 150 Years of the Paris Commune

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The Socialist Program: Government and Landlords Declare Class War Against Tenants: Who Will Win?

On this episode Brian and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss the massive scale of the eviction crisis and the urgent need for struggle in the face of this threat. While billionaires saw their wealth dramatically expand over the course of the pandemic and the government moved swiftly to bail out the rich, working class tenants accumulated crushing levels of rent debt. Now landlords are preparing to kick millions out of their homes as the pandemic continues to rage. Brian and Prof. Wolff also discuss examples from history of tenants organizing to stand up for their right to housing -- and bring down the system that prioritizes profits over people's lives.

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RT: Many of leaders who promised to fight corruption are themselves knee-deep in it

In the wake of the latest bombshell report, dubbed the ‘Pandora Papers’, revealing the hidden tax-haven assets of global billionaires, world leaders and public officials, RT welcomes economist and author Richard Wolff to discuss what the latest massive leak tells the world.

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Zero Hour: China & the Fracturing of the American West

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow on China & the fracturing of the American west. 

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Economic Update: Native Americans & American Socialists

[S11 E36] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff present updates on global supply chain slow-downs; student costs/debts in US, UK far higher than in most peer nations; FED adds inflation to the ways its policies worsen income and wealth inequalities...READ MORE

[Greek] Interview with Documento

This article is in Greek, for the Greek newspaper Documento. 

Ρίτσαρντ Γουλφ: «Οι ΗΠΑ βρίσκονται σε πάρα πολύ σοβαρή παρακμή» 

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Refinery29: The Girlboss Is Dead. Now It’s Time To Kill The “Good Boss”

"The way capitalism works, the job of the employer is to get the most effort — the most use of brains and muscles — from the worker as he possibly can, and at the same time pay that worker the minimum necessary to get that worker to come to work each day,” explains Richard D. Wolff."

- Prof Wolff interviews with Refinery 29 for "The Girlboss Is Dead. Now It’s Time To Kill The “Good Boss”, by Elizabeth Gulino. 

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Thom Hartmann: Central Banks Tightening Could Choke Out Middle Class

Bank interest rates are on the rise. The Federal Reserve have poured vast amounts of money to boost the economy during the past two years to stimulate spending.

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On Contact with Chris Hedges: Competing systems of power in America

On Contact: Chris Hedges discusses with economist Richard Wolff how capitalism works under an autocracy or oligarchy, the only two political systems left in the United States of America.

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The Socialist Program: Seize Big Pharma: Nationalize and Internationalize All Medicine!

On the Socialist Program with Brian Becker: The frantic effort by pharmaceutical corporations to keep prescription drug prices -- and their profits -- sky high. As part of the proposed social spending budget, Congress is considering a measure to negotiate hundreds of billions of dollars of savings on prescriptions covered by Medicare. This would fund major expansions to Medicaid and Medicare services, but right-wing Democrats backed by big pharma are doing everything they can to block it.

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[Portuguese] Brasil de Fato

This article is in Portuguese, for the Brazilian news agency Brasil de Fato. 

"Caso de fraude contra Elizabeth Holmes expõe fraturas de endeusamento de empresários nos EUA" 

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Truthout: Mainstream Media Attention to IPCC Report Neglected Real Cause of Emissions

“Since the days of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, two things have been growing together,” Wolff told Truthout. “The growth and spread of capitalism and the growth and spread of environmental disaster.”

- Professor Wolff for an article on Truthout "Mainstream Media Attention to IPCC Report Neglected Real Cause of Emissions," by Frances Madeson. 

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The KPFA Evening News (Sunday) – September 26, 2021

On KPFA evening news: The debate continues in Congress over the debt ceiling and the human infrastructure bill
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Economic Update: Socialism & Worker Co-ops


20th century socialism is now behind us. Socialists continued to evaluate both its achievements and failures via extensive self-criticism. A changed socialism has emerged, focused on a transition of workplaces from top-down hierarchical capitalist structures into democratic worker cooperatives...READ MORE

The Socialist Program: Addicted to War: The ABC's of U.S. Military Spending

On The Socialist Program with Brian Becker: We discuss the military-industrial complex in the wake of the nuclear submarine deal between the United States and Australia, which sparked a diplomatic crisis with France. A new alliance between the US, Australia and the UK trashed a submarine deal France had with Australia worth tens of billions of dollars, awarding the sale instead to the United States. How does the war economy help keep U.S. capitalism afloat?

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Thom Hartmann: Can Capitalist China Survive Default?

On Thom Hartmann Program: Global markets have watched anxiously as a huge and deeply indebted Chinese property company flirts with default, fearing that any collapse could ripple through the international financial system.

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