Economic Update: False Econ Recovery, True Journalism


In this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on "carry interest tax loophole," Miami's Marlin Park and state subsidies for business, negative interest rates, and banks' "bail-in" versus "bail-out." Interview with reporter Bob Hennelly about...READ MORE

Prof. Wolff on CrossTalk: Social Justice?

Prof. Wolff joins Peter Lavelle on RTTV"s CrossTalk to discuss the question of social justice. As America’s two major parties move toward anointing their presidential nominees, there is a growing sense of disaffection and even insurrection among voters.

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Global Capitalism: May 2016 Monthly Update

Crises Deepen: Shifting Socialisms, Exploding Debt, Strange Elections

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Prof. Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For the month of May, these will include...READ MORE

Prof. Wolff on CounterPunch Radio

This interview originally aired on CounterPunchRadio

Prof. Wolff joins CounterPunch Radio's Eric Draitser to discuss capitalism, its inefficiencies, and its discontents. They examine how the US and European economies have evolved in the era of neoliberalism, how financialization has pervaded every aspect of our economic lives, and how debt has become the central pillar of modern capitalism's house of cards. 

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Economic Update: What Inequality Does


On this week's episode of Economic Update, Prof. Wolff provides updates on rich tax evaders, Takata airbags, equalized wealth data, money in Chicago politics. Major discussions of corporate food scandals...READ MORE

EconoMinute: The Crisis of Puerto Rico


In this EconoMinute, Prof. Richard Wolff discusses the current debt crisis facing Puerto Rico.



Prof. Wolff on CPR News: May 4, 2016

Prof. Wolff Lecture on News.Markets: "Why the US needs a Jeremy Corbyn"

Prof. Wolff joins News.Markets and explains why official US jobs numbers don't reflect the real state of the US economy and the average US worker. He believes the US needs a slice of the UK's Jeremy Corbyn to combat extreme inequality.


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“The place where most adults spend most of their life is at work, and there is no democracy at work”

This interview originally appeared in the English-language section - The English Corner, of Contexto Magazine. 

Much like Bernie Sanders, Richard Wolff (1942) has spent his entire adult life saying (and writing) many of the same things. Until not so long ago, his fierce critique of capitalism, voiced in his radio show Economic Update and articulated in countless papers and books, found little resonance beyond the fringes. And yet, like the Vermont Senator, he has seen a spectacular renewed interest in those ideas lately. When Wolff, a Marxist economist who was trained at Harvard, Yale and Stanford, sat down with CTXT at a coffee shop near his office in Manhattan’s New School for Social Research a couple weeks ago, he was preparing for a trip to Kentucky, where he would give a series of lectures in public and state universities. “I’ve never even been to Kentucky. And they’re paying to have me tell them about the disaster that capitalism is and what we can do to change it!” he joked, pointing to Occupy Wall Street as the force that brought theories like his –and Bernie Sanders’- onto the discussion table. In his idiosyncratic tone –combining the didactic with the forceful – Wolff spoke about the current situation of the American economy, the forces driving global competition, and the intricacies of the solution he proposes in his bookDemocracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism (Haymarket Books, 2012), which turns to the Basque Mondragón Corporation for inspiration.


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Prof. Wolff on The Big Picture RT: "More Co-ops Means Less Inequality"

Prof. Wolff joins The Big Picture's Thom Hartmann and discusses the lack of economic democracy in the current economic system. For a large chunk of the American workforce - capitalism is no longer working the way it's supposedly designed to work. Is it time to look for alternatives to the free market? And if so, where? Prof. Wolff offers Worker Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDE) as a solution.

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