• Silences Louder Than Their Words

    This article originally apeared on   Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama even mentions six alternative economic policies that, deployed together, would reduce unemployment, increase workers' real earnings and decrease the federal deficit.   This presidential election arrives five years into a severe economic crisis that both Republican and Democratic policies failed to end. The latest unemployment rate (7.8 percent) is not even halfway back to the 2007 level of 5 percent, from the crisis high of 10 percent.
  • Democracy at Work at Baltimore Book Festival

      Professor Wolff addressed a crowd at the Baltimore Book Festival on September 30 in the Radical Books Pavillon.
  • 1 hr special interview with Chris Hedges

      Professor Wolff and Chris Hedges speak with Esther Armah on WBAI's Wakeup Call on 99.5fm in NYC.   They are introduced at 6:33.
  • KPFK Interview re The Nobel Prize in Economics

      Sonali Kolhatkar of Uprising Pacifica Radio KPFK in Los Angeles discusses the Nobel Prize that was just awarded in Economics to Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley with Professor Wolff.
  • An Evening in Harlem

      Since 2006 our mission at Black Agenda Report has been to challenge the current crop of black political and cultural misleaders with a vision of a new black politics of struggle, one that takes into account class differences among blacks so as to confont the prison state, and deal with the many other oppressive aspects of everyday black life which our misleaders ignore.     On Friday, October 12 most of the Black Agenda Report team gathered at Harlem's historic Riverside Church to celebrate our sixth anniversary. We were joined by Dr.
  • Economic Update: "Economic Myths in the News"

    Updates on real-wage decline 2010-2012, more on Walmart, Greece's bailout benefits only banks. Major discussions of small versus big business in US and of role of state in the US economy. Response to questions on transitional paths from capitalist to workers self-directed enterprises.

    On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.

  • Till Debt Do Us Part

      Sean Gittins (@sean_gittins) is insolvent. As part of an Arts Council funded project he decided to tell people about it and find out why everyone these days, just like him, seems to be in debt and what it might mean.   In this week's episode Sean looks at debt, politics and economics from two perspectives; through the work of academic and economist and economic historian Professor Richard Wolff ( and the Arthur C.
  • Irony and Absurdity: the Nobel Prize in Economics (Blog)

      The ironies and absurdities of the Nobel Prize in economics announced today are more than any short note could possibly cover. So I will comment here on only one of them.   The two winners, Alvin E. Roth of Harvard University and Lloyd Shapley of UCLA, worked on the details of markets, on market “failures,” and on how markets might be adjusted to fail less.
  • Economic Update: "Economics = Different Theories, Different Analyses"

    Updates on the economics of public vs charter schools and Walmart as capitalist "success story." Major discussion of economic theories that celebrate vs theories that criticize capitalism. Responses to listeners' questions about German workers' "co-determination" and French socialism's waffling.

    On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.

  • Ghost of the New Deal Haunts Democrats' Agenda, but It's Time to Summon FDR

    The article first appeared on

    Obama and most Democrats are so dependent on contributions and support from business and the rich that they dare not discuss, let alone implement, the kinds of policies Roosevelt employed the last time US capitalism crashed.

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