Jeremy Corbyn and co-ops

I have read and listen to many of your videos. You mention his plan often about getting more co-ops by giving the workers the choice to buy the company. Could you share a link to an article about this or a video? I am having a hard time finding it. Also I wanted to thank you for the information you giving out. It is tremendous and would be great for America. Getting Americans to understand the advantages and accept them will be a huge hurdle. The second huge hurdle is getting worker co-ops implemented because the capitalist are not just going to say OK.

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The easiest way to proceed is to check the work of Jeremy Corbyn's "Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer), John McDonnell who is the key spokesman for this innovative and daring plan for developing a worker coop sector of the UK economy. An earlier article this year would be a place for you to start: Workers owning their enterprise is one thing; workers running it, making all the key decisions democratically and collectively, is something else. They can but need not go together. All this was thought unthinkable a short time ago in the UK, but now the second major party there is endorsing it. What happens fast in UK can do likewise in USA and, I think will do so soon.

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