Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: The System is Failing

Prof. Wolff joins The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss the latest on unemployment, COVID-19 and the FED.

"I think you're seeing in the polarization of this country's politics, in the polarization of inequality, a stock market that keeps feeding on itself to ridiculous heights that even financiers worry about the disconnect, they discuss between the stock market and the so-called real economy or the disconnect ideologically and politically. I don't know about you RJ but i watch the Republican and Democratic conventions as much as i can tolerate it, and i'm looking at total fantasy denial these are spectacles of the sort we associate with ancient Rome when it was about to collapse. Spectacles designed to distract, to bemuse a population that wants to be distracted because somewhere it knows that the real world outside of these spectacles is becoming grimmer by the hour."

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  • Sumwun Yumaynotno
    commented 2020-09-04 13:46:55 -0400
    Your evaluation of our multiple current catastrophes is convincing, but the idea that the U.S. government can, or might, or would enact a tax on incomes above $400,000 is a pipe dream. You do point in the right direction when you commend the basketball players’ strike, and possibility of dual-power. But you might have mentioned that “dual power” came about during the revolutionary upheaval of 1917 in Russia. Why not just say that we need to abolish capitalism and build a socialist society, from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs?