Most important books for those interested in radical economics/politics?

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The classics are called that for a reason: they keep teaching readers for decades because they are so richly packed. So, for example, on US history, read Howard Zinn, C. Wright Mills, C. Vann Woodward, David Montgomery, and those who have built upon that work. In economics, go to the source if you possibly can: read Karl Marx and the greatest Marxist writers since (including Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg, Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, Louis Althusser). In philosophy, Hegel if you have the time. More recent stuff: the American Richard Rorty (Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature), writings by the French thinker Etienne Balibar. In literature, the American Fred Jameson. If you want an introduction to many of these writers and others, take a look at our first book, S. Resnick and R. Wolff, Knowledge and Class: A Marxian Critique of Political Economy (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1987) where we discuss their work and its significances.

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