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Imagine this childhood scenario: In an elementary school class of 30 children, one child, Susie, has a birthday. On that day, Susie’s mother sends her to school with a box of 30 cupcakes – one for each child in the class. In the morning, rather than doing so herself, the teacher assigns one of the larger kids, Johnnie, to carry the box around the room and distribute the cupcakes. Come the end of the day then, we find that Johnnie personally has 27 cupcakes and the rest of the class is fighting for a taste of the remaining three. (90% for Johnnie, a fraction of one percent for each other child) imagine this adulthood scenario: The national government decides that, in order to facilitate commerce amongst its citizens, a medium of exchange – money -- needs to be issued. Rather than doing so itself, it assigns this duty to a private central banking system (a.k.a. “Wall St”). Come the end of the day then, we find that over 90% of the money stays with Johnnie Wall St and cronies, while the rest of the country struggles for a taste of the remaining sliver. Time for some fundamental changes in policy? What do you think?

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