Prof. Wolff on News.Markets: "Clinton's Historic Moment"


Prof. Wolff joins New.Markets to discuss a historic moment in US history.

Hillary Clinton has made history this week becoming the first woman presidential nominee. Prof. Wolff argues however, that neither her nor Donald Trump are addressing the fundamental problems of the US economy.


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  • Will Cooper
    commented 2016-08-05 04:09:41 -0400
    If I pinched my nose hard enough to bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton, I’d snap it off. There’s no real choice between the narcissist and fascist Trump and the neoliberal, neoconservative war hawk Clinton. I believe it’s time to opt out of the quadrennial con game perpetrated on us by the two major capitalist political parties. It’s hard to tell any more which of them is farthest to the right. I’m voting for real change, for a party dedicated to overthrowing capitalism and establishing economic democracy. That’s the Socialist Equality Party (SEP). It’s the U.S. branch of the International Committee of the Fourth International. The SEP is running Jerry White for President and Niles Niemuth for Vice-President. See,, and for exceptional news and opinion from a steadfast left perspective.
  • J. W. Echeverria
    commented 2016-08-04 03:20:38 -0400
    For me, I would hate to vote for a candidate I didn’t like only to later have to admit I voted for them after they did something deplorable. That is too big of a gamble for me. I would rather vote for a candidate such as Jill Stein who I’m confident, if she did make a mistake, would never come close to being as dangerous as the others. In truth, the choice between Clinton and Trump is like the choice between death by hanging or by firing squad. It really has gotten this ugly.
  • Pauli Olivet
    commented 2016-08-02 21:11:20 -0400
    The problem with this website is that more graphic elements were added, which spreads the information down the page and forces more scrolling. That is the reason I use to prefer this site to D@W; now they have more similar level of clutter. Pictures can tell a thousand words, or they can be extraneous and block a lot of text. A text index of content items (maybe drop-down) would really help correct the problem. Another fix would be to kick some of the twit links to the margins.

    Thank you for allowing one login account for both sites. It would help though to pass the “login status” as one surfs between sites.
  • Michael Jones
    commented 2016-07-31 23:57:16 -0400
    This new website sucks. The old one was better.
  • Dick Burkhart
    commented 2016-07-30 23:48:26 -0400
    Perfect assessment of the situation!