Can there be a sustainable banking sector?

Dear Prof. Wolff: I'm a Swiss Banking student and have been following your content for quite a while now. I'm grateful for your weekly Marxian/progressive content as this important perspective is not represented in conventional media. Here's my question: Could you dedicate one episode of Economic Update towards the financial sector, especially it's banks and how we can make the banking industry work for broad societal goals again? I'm especially interested in what needs to be changed, which business fields are compatible with broad societal interests, what business models of banks would have to adapt and how the banking sector could collaborate with a real economy consisting of more and more worker co-ops. Also I would be glad if my personal data remains anonymous. Yours sincerely.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I try to touch on this topic throughout some episodes but will keep this in mind for a more focused episode in the future. Thank you for being a listener.

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  • Paul Lebow
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    I second that! What about democratization of the money supply?
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