What about the "conscious capitalism" movement?

There seems to be genuine efforts from within corporations to consider their business model in a new way that wishes to not only avoid some of the egregious negative effects of capitalism on society and the environment, but actually try to become a significant positive factor upon societal and environmental survival. At least that is the talking point. From a point of view of where we are at present, even though one might consider that the mouvement is self-serving in the first order, one can't help but see that objectively there are to be real choices that hope to create real solutions to many of the negative "externalities" and other effects that exist in the market that these people and companies exist in. What are the possible effects of this movement? Both materially and intellectually, ideologically? Could this be a step in the right direction? Might it lead the population to better understand capitalism and it's effects on the present and future? Might it lead forward to a less barbaric economic system or backwards by camouflaging even better the capitalistic "dead end"? Might it signal an escape route from this "dead end"? At least the word capitalism is used in an analytical manner that seems finally to open itself to criticism. thanx!

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Prof. Wolff has answered your question. Click on the link to see his response: https://youtu.be/u83LHIWouJY

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