TRT World: US Dollar Dominance: How long will it last?

Countries like to feel that in the event of seismic events they are financially protected. And most do this by investing in either gold or dollars. They buy the greenback because it’s been solid for so long; thinking that In times of trouble, they’ll be ok. But is that era of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency coming to an end? Professor Wolff joins TRT World's RoundTable to discuss.


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  • Vernon Huffman
    commented 2020-08-21 11:09:47 -0400
    It seems to me that if the USA invested heavily in people it would guarantee the dollar will continue to be the default exchange currency. Besides using the magic of Quantitative Easing, we could shut down the authority of banks to create money as debt, and redirect the fortunes now wasted on militarism. If the USA gave a Universal Basic Income to everybody on earth, we wouldn’t need a military, because everybody would love us.
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2020-08-20 05:49:46 -0400