U.S. Escalates ‘Nuclear’ Risk: World Stands On 'Edge' Of Destruction

On David Lin's show, Richard Wolff covers the topic of escalating tensions in the Ukraine conflict and the potential descent into World War III not being adequately addressed in mainstream media. He outlines how Western powers, by potentially allowing Ukraine to conduct strikes inside Russia and discussing the use of Russia's seized assets to fund Ukraine's war efforts, have drastically escalated the situation. Wolff suggests that this confrontation is the most severe since the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the potential to broaden into a direct conflict involving the U.S. and Europe. Additionally, he touches on economic dimensions, criticizing U.S. sanctions against Russia as ineffective due to strengthening Russia-China ties, and he also presents his views on domestic economic policies, recommending alternatives to interest rate hikes for combating inflation. Lastly, Wolff advocates for workplace democracy, arguing that it could resolve economic dysfunctions and promote a broader democratic ethos.

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