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Hello Mr. Wolff, Now, I understand that you are a busy man, but I have found a compilation of essays that purport to have refuted Marxism as a whole. They seem to have misinterpreted Marx on many levels, but, however, I am not as proficient in Marxian economics as you are. So, my request is this, will you perhaps analyze and make a response to these essays? -Thomas

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It is daunting to be presented with immense documents of this sort that claim to be total, devastating critiques (why the hyperbole; is it needed or helpful) and then to see that the first essay begins with Ayn Rand while the second, on value theory, makes the error in its first paragraph of thinking that Marx's "transformation problem" discussion sought to reduce market prices to values rather than what Marx carefully defined as "prices of production" different from values. These were bad signs - strong hints that here I would see recycled a long list of refutations of Marx that have old, old pedigrees. I have read them all my life looking for refutations worth developing. Little has emerged other than the passion of Marx's enemies. I do not look forward to reading more of them, so my rule is to require something new, different  to be said as the price of my taking the time to work through the material. This collection did not, I am afraid, make the cut.

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