Is there a word for the phenomenon of corporate moguls taking over competitors?

I have contemplated this often. This phenomenon of the impulse for corporations to knock out competition through predatory and pernicious business tactics. A prime example is Harley Davidson, The very icon of American freedom. Yet at the onset of war war one, there were over 100 American motorcycle manufacturers. ..Cleveland, Henderson, Exellsior, Ace and Indian to name a thimble full. Harley Davidson put them each and every one out of business by pernicious, predatory business tactics .. . I brought this up in conversation that parties, caf├ęs even at work although that tends to be frowned upon. And the most common response I get is: "That's the American way!" Really?! One choice, is all you get? That's the "American Way" I'm calling bullshit on that particular "American Way" paradygm. The big three auto makers have done it all along, Cosmetic companies do it, the big three beer guys ate snapping up micro breweries as fast as they can pervert them. I could go on and on, I really could. ..but seriously ~ there should be a word for this specific facet of capitalism . .. So I ask you Richard Wolf , if you don't know of one already... i've been known to invent a few words in my life and career as a swashbuckler/ revelator. I'm going to try to attend one of your lectures in October, and if you can't think of something before I meet you let's collaborate . I think this phenomenon deserves a name. .. but not a pretty one ! Thanks for your persistence and calm under the mayhem of collapse. With regards, Yours truly: Thom Thinn 213-221-9092

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  • Thomas S. Lewis
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-10-02 19:46:55 -0400