Thom Hartmann: How Putin’s Demand for Ruble Payments for Gas Will Play Out

Prof Wolff joins Thom Hartmann to discuss: Germany buys 40% of its gas from Russia, via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. These contracts are in euros and dollars, yet Russia is now demanding payment in Roubles. Germany has declined and warned that there may be shortages and rationing of gas.

Watch the interview here. 

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  • Bonnie Baker
    commented 2022-04-10 12:23:10 -0400
    It’s about time!! I finally found you. Bless you for all your doing! Without balance you fall. Thanks for being part of that balance. It’s been a hard road. Our fight is of the utmost importance. We the People’s have EVERYTHING to lose. A BIBLE REVIVAL AT THIS POINT IS OUR ONLY SAVING GRACE!! WE SHOULD USE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US!! HIMSELF, TO US!! AMEN 🙏 GOD BLESS AMERICA THE HOME OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE🇺🇲USA
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2022-04-06 09:56:09 -0400