Thom Hartmann: How Much Can Be Charged for a Burger?

Prices are set by the final seller, but there are limits. The seller works out through economics, the maximum price they can change for the item. How much can be charged for a burger? Professor Richard Wolff joined Thom Hartmann to discuss economics and how they affect you.


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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2020-12-22 13:01:02 -0500
    If a doctor with a hospital can charge $125,000 for a 4 hour open heart surgery why can’t a burger joint charge (the doctors family, the mayors, the school principles, congress etc.) $500. for a double cheeseburger with an added $50 for onions? After all its the sellers food (which will be colluded for price fixing everywhere, like medical menu’s) with the reasoning that providing food also sustains life !!! "CONTROL and “ACTION” again sir, you cannot avoid it, it is a necessity requiring a strong patriarchal leader (now more than ever) because representative democracy like uncontrolled capitalism is a perpetual failure. Nassau County, NY is providing a rent relief package to sustain families for the next 2.5 months which has to be attained through an application process like everything else. The money is being provided indirectly through the federal government!! After years of corruptive self indulgence local government cannot accept a wage cut or furlough as federal agencies have executed in the past? Counties and states cannot be forced to sacrifice like everyone else despite advocating rent relief which they will not pay for unless the feds provide it? I believe a landlord should sacrifice payments of which the net greatly exceeds the expense as rent income usually does during this pandemic, but shouldn’t the county and state not sacrifice the property tax on those domiciles and commercial properties during the same time period therefor protecting the landlord from total loss? No one profits, no one gains or is forced into bankruptcy. There is a great deal of socialism in America, it’s just being used for the wrong people and in sums that socialist countries of the past never came close to distributing to selective sources. Just as another mistake in this relief package according to Sen. Tomey(?), will proved 1/2 of our population who still receive and income with a check to include myself, where is the justice? Where is the government and who controls it? Again, socialism works in socialist democracies BECAUSE they also practice price or cost control, to include wages for the top earners.
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2020-12-22 05:20:58 -0500