The Socialist Program: Ukraine War Turns 1: A $100 Billion Giveaway to the Arms Industry

John Prysner and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how one year into the war in Ukraine, the U.S. government has committed $100 billion dollars to this bloody proxy conflict that is threatening the whole world with catastrophe. But while huge numbers of people suffer and die, some capitalists are focused on getting their share of this enormous sum of money. Who profits from war?

Listen to the interview here. 

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  • Terry Brown
    commented 2023-03-18 08:12:26 -0400
    Thanks for sharing the article by Richard Wolff on the Ukrainian war and the impact it has had on the arms industry.
    Recently I am as the IR student was to prepare controversial essay on the same topic the Ukrainian war and the impact it has had on the arms industry and happily I was assisted by professional writer from in this issue.

    Wolff’s analysis of the economic and political motivations behind the conflict is quite illuminating. It’s clear that there are significant financial incentives for countries to engage in warfare, particularly for the arms industry. As Wolff points out, the Ukrainian war has resulted in a massive $100 billion giveaway to the arms industry, highlighting the disturbingly close relationship between military conflict and capitalist profit.

    What’s especially troubling is the way in which these financial incentives can fuel further conflict, creating a cycle of violence and instability. The fact that the US government has been such a large player in this conflict, funneling billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, is particularly concerning. It raises questions about the extent to which capitalist interests are driving US foreign policy, and the human toll that this policy can take.
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2023-03-05 19:42:26 -0500