The Socialist Program: Government to Student Loan Borrowers: Time to Pay Up!

Prof. Wolff and Brian Becker discuss the resumption of student loan repayments in the United States and its broader implications for the economy and society. They analyze how the student debt crisis has evolved over time and how it reflects deeper issues within the capitalist system. Prof. Wolff emphasizes the importance of education as a public good and contrasts the US approach to higher education with that of other countries where it is considered a fundamental right. They also critique the Supreme Court's role in overturning policies aimed at student debt relief, highlighting the influence of wealthy interests. The conversation underscores the need for systemic reforms to address the burden of student debt and ensure fair access to education.

Listen to it here...

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  • denni STRuerod
    commented 2024-03-11 08:54:15 -0400
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