The Socialist Program: Dollar Imperialism and Its Decline

Brian and Prof. Richard Wolff discuss how economic powerhouses like China, Russia, Brazil and others are moving away from using the dollar, changing its status as the world’s reserve currency. This shift could erode the power that U.S. banks and corporations have relied on for decades.

Listen to the episode here. 

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  • Don Johnson
    commented 2023-10-17 06:43:43 -0400
    However, according to the discussion, countries like China, Russia, and Brazil are exploring alternatives to the US dollar. Moving away from the dollar as the primary reserve currency could have implications for the global financial system and the influence of US banks and corporations. It may potentially shift economic power and open up new opportunities for alternative currencies or financial arrangements.
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2023-04-12 20:39:52 -0400