The Socialist Program: Biden’s Economic Policies: Recession in 2024?

Professor Wolff joins Brian Becker to discuss contrasting views on inflation. The Wall Street Journal suggests that a slowdown in inflation, as indicated by the recent report, could lead to the Federal Reserve halting interest rate hikes. However, UBS bank offers a starkly different prediction, anticipating a potential 2.75 basis points cut in interest rates by 2024, citing risks of disinflation and rising unemployment. Professor Wolff criticizes the Federal Reserve's historical failure in achieving both price stability and maximum employment. The conversation also touches on the U.S.-China relationship, exploring how their economic integration is unraveling, partly due to the perception of China as a growing economic threat to the declining American empire. Professor Wolff emphasizes the need for the U.S. to confront economic realities and adapt to the changing global landscape.

Listen to it here...

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