The Critical Hour: Weekly News Wrap Up (06.04.2024)

Richard Wolff joins The Critical Hour to discuss the success of China’s hybrid economic model, which combines state-owned and private enterprises, and is outperforming the US and European market-based economies. Treasury Secretary Yellen has voiced concerns over China's growing economic capabilities, particularly in electric vehicles and computer applications. Wolff highlights that despite government subsidies being a common global practice, China's efficient use is leading to its expected surpassing of the US economy by the end of the 2020s. The US Trade Representative, Catherine Tai, has criticized China's economic model as "non-market" policies, which Wolff argues is an inaccurate characterization since China does engage in market activities, much like any other nation. Lastly, Wolff suggests that the European social model, which has historically provided substantial welfare benefits, could face challenges due to pressure from the US to increase military spending, potentially leading to tax hikes or cuts in social services.

Prof. Wolff's segment - (0:00 - 37:41)

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2024-04-16 12:58:55 -0400
    To your other commenter here;

    What is impossible is in understanding how anyone especially people of a community that was once targeted for mass murder can now condone it in their own actions?

    This sentiment was shared by Albert Einstein, and is shared by ex Prime minister Barak and other Israeli Prime ministers, and men like Admiral Ami Ayolon, ex General Mitznah, and great journalist like Gideon Levy, etc. etc. to include US Senator Chuck Schumer. It is also shared by tens of thousands of Jewish Americans who have been protesting in California, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, D.C.,, Not to mention the million in Israel who want Netanyahu and his cabinet out, as we see with 100,000 protesters in the streets of Israel for over a year now. These people are trying to defend the honor of the Jewish people and a lot can be learned from them. I say god bless Professor Wolff, Amy Goodman, Norman Finkelstein and others like Christian Amonpour regardless their ethnic backgrounds. It takes great courage to speak truth as even Plato expressed millennia ago.

    For decades leading up to a week before Oct. 7, homes in the west bank were burned out, seniors in east Jerusalem forcefully evicted and senior farmers shot to death while harvesting olives on their land, which has been encroached upon by a multi government funded Ku Klux Klan entity known as “the settlers”.

    To provide F-35 aircraft not only shows how powerful defense industries are in money laundering more US taxes into their pockets, but also the length at which our government would allow the most complex technical information / secrets (F-35) to leave our nation and be placed in the hands of another uncontrolled nation. (Main suppliers being General Dynamics, RTX or Ratheon, Lockheed and Grumman now contracted to supply Israel from over 30 plants nationwide). This laundering or redirecting enormous finance must be the greatest envy of the Cosa Nostra who also has to suffer being dubbed “criminal”.
    S. Arabia must also re-direct oil dollars to our defense manufacturers etc.
  • Dror Ben Ami
    commented 2024-04-13 01:17:02 -0400
    Professor Wolff:

    Have you ever been to Israel ?

    I ask because you recent interview on YOU TUBE is ridiculous….
    • An unskilled Palestinian from Gaza who worked in Israel before October 7th earned 50 US dollars a day for an 8 hour day .

    Please tell me of one other country in the Middle East which pays that much. For you to compare this to coffee plantation workers in Kenya is disgusting.
    • The IDF did not enter Gaza to take their land and we WILL succeed in eliminating Hamas as a military force.

    One wonders how a Jew can turn against his own people, but, after watching Amy Goodman, I guess nothing is impossible.
  • Richard Wolff
    published this page in Updates 2024-04-11 15:45:02 -0400