Prosperity Gospel writ large??

Professor Wolff, Three of the six faith leaders invited to pray at the most recent presidential inauguration are proponents of the Prosperity Gospel while none of the mainline Protestant denominations were represented. Some conspiracy alarmists posit that with Trump’s implicit endorsement of the Prosperity Gospel, Christian Dominionists are on their way towards a nationwide imposition of this philosophy. As you contend, the various economic systems manifest themselves in different relationships within each system. The Prosperity Gospel would appear to set up a divine right of wealth wherein those at the top are “blessed” by God and those at the bottom are encouraged to give as a means of elevating themselves out of poverty. Conspiracy rantings aside, as an intellectual exercise, I am interested in your take on what a large scale Prosperity Gospel economy might look like and how it would play out in the long term. Additionally, what would you see as the first indications that the conspiracy alarmists might be on to something? Enjoy the show, keep up the good work. Washington Post article re: Prosperity Gospel and Trump voters

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