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Hi and thank you for your exceptionally wonderful program Economic Update. I am a federal employee, and as a female, non veteran, in a predominatly female role as an administrative support assistant, I have been struggling to get ahead financially for over two decades. The federal hiring freeze signed by Trump impacts my life profoundly, I may never retire with no promotional opportunities. How does this freeze affect American workers and their jobs, and how does this affect the American economy relating to the functionality of the Federal Government? Thank you, Susana E.

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Most of the decrees and rulings of Trump's first days in power worsen rather than improve the living conditions of working people, the "middle class" and so on. The freeze does likewise. So indeed do the cabinet and advisor appointments. So we have actions and appointments that largely contradict Trump's repeated commitment to rebuild the economic conditions of what he believes to be "the good old days." Frankly, so far, its his talk versus his actions and the actions speak more strongly than the talk.

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