What are the economic consequences of privatizing air traffic control?

http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/336315-trump-to-announce-plan-to-privatize-air-traffic-control-reports This article was written and released today 6/4/2017. When Republicans suggest privitazing something, they tell us it will "make it more efficient" but what are they really trying to acheive by this? Would be great to hear you discuss this on one of your programs. Seems that privatizing means hiring less workers and making them work longer hours for lower wages, which could result in an increase in errors made in sending off and landing planes. The airline CEOs are in on this, and with Trump, I think we can safely assume someone is getting rich off of this and it's none of us.

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You have it right. The Republican Party has for many decades served its corporate and wealthy patrons by getting rid of government regulations that impede their profit-making ventures. The way they have done this is to mount and spread an immense propaganda operation suggesting that government economic activities are inherently and always less efficient and less socially productive than private ventures for everybody, for society as a whole. Under this ideological umbrella - for which there is no evidence at all - they get into office and then remove the regulations or other government economic activity that their patrons want removed. This is again what privatizing air traffic control is about. It is pushed by major airlines who believe they can get more profits that way than with government control.

Basically, for every instance of government enterprises messing up, there is one for private. The big debate between private and state is a political distraction from the real issue: democratic or non-democratic workplaces.

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