What is your view on alternative currencies?

Hi, I saw part of your lecture on capitalism and how the money flows towards the top and gets stuck there. That's an affirmation of my own research I have been doing the last couple of years. In order to solve that problem I came up with an alternative currency system which, I believe, could be a viable contender to run the world economy on. I also believe it should not be the only one and therefore designed it in such a way that it's non monopolistic. I am curious what your opinion on it is. Information on how it works can be found here: circularmoney.org There are some other options I came across too. I think they might all work parallel to each other and be used where they are most applicable. Any ideas on them? http://openmoney.org http://newsystemshub.com/index.php/projects/ http://www.gotchoices.org/mychips/index.html https://en.duniter.org http://www.grantcoin.org Kind regards, Stef Kuypers

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  • Stef Kuypers
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2017-02-06 06:29:19 -0500