Liberals and leftists discount demand-side by focusing on production

The left, it seems, should be focused on depriving malignant forces of their lifeblood, which is money. Even though demand in the USA is losing power, due to decades of stagnant wages, USAmericans are still a consumption-directed people. Boycotts should be the biggest tool, given strikes are basically illegal, in many cases, and lack effectiveness due to their parochial, secular nature. (Strikes should ripple throughout the system through mass participation, but are too local now.) Why don't we have online access to support employee-owned cooperatives? Shouldn’t we be buying from co-ops rather than Amazon? Most liberals and even lefties will say that they don’t focus on production, but I think it's clear, even from reading your website, that they do. This could be the result of reacting to reactionaries, whose ridiculous belief in Ayn-Randism pumps up the value of “producer”/capitalists while devaluing the consumer/worker. Will Galt go on strike? Who cares? Consumers can strike first by being somewhat discriminating for a change. As a group, they have much more power.

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