Murray Bookchin & Michael Albert

Dear Professor Wolff, I find your notions of workplace democracy dovetailing nicely with Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel's idea of participatory economics (PARECON). I've also noticed that when you extend your notion of economic democracy beyond the enterprise to include the role of local/regional communities having a voice in terms of what's produced, how it's produced and what to do with the profits, your ideas in this domain bare a striking resemblance to Murray Bookchin's theorization of libertarian municipalism (LibMuni). I was wondering how familiar you are with PARECON and LibMuni and the extent to which your work is an addition or an extension or a further clarification of these other socio-politico-economic approaches? Thank you in advance for entertaining my query... Yours truly, Brett T. Goldstein, PhD

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  • Brett T Goldstein
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-10-27 23:43:48 -0400