Could you expand on US labor movement by talking about the IWW?

Hello Professor Wolff, I am subscriber to the democracy at work YouTube channel. Her I've been washing enthusiastically every week for the past about six months. I was Saul the most recent video with your colleague who is talking about US labor movement history. He mentioned specifically The CIO and the Teamsters. And then you summarized by saying that generally the strategies of the labor movement in the US have failed over the past half century. ( Full disclosure I am a member of the IWW here in the triangle--Raleigh/Durham-- of North Carolina) and then you called for new strategies and more radical and militant labor movement. What would fit nicely to expand on this is to talk about the history of the IWW and some of us wins for example like the eight hour workday and the fact that it was the first all inclusive union to include people of all races in the US. Our local branch has grown very rapidly and suddenly over the past year and especially within the past six months. And when talking to people from other branches the sense that we get is that that phenomenon is countrywide at least . So in summary my ask of you is just basically a brief mention of the IWW history and our state in mission him as the one big union, a union for all workers, that believes in organizing industrially. And then just someway to say basically that we're back and we're growing. In solidarity, Grant Frisbee From Durham, NC

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  • Grant Frisbee
    commented 2017-04-19 15:45:24 -0400
    *Wow sorry about the spelling mistakes. I was writing this using voice to text on my phone.
  • Grant Frisbee
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