Sir my question to you is how cities became a point of attraction in capitalism?

so sir i came many economics books and journals especial re fence to Marxist writings but one thing is still unclear that How cities emerged from the ashes of villages ,all i know is that when the self-sufficiency of Village came to an end and the rise of transactions in town fairs during the late European medieval period and the effects of crusades and black death resulted to the disruption of feudalism ,thus cities gained importance ,further trading resulted to the commercial achievements as well as the discoveries of countries and so on fetched the rise of Mercantilism which further synthesis resulted the rise of capitalist and so on. so sir previously the rise of capitalism were cities got no importance? on general sir how cities in earlier society rose? as well as village being the primary sector (the base of the production) is poorer the the cities where the manufacturing g process takes place ? Please sir elucidate me i really need to know........

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Dear Sir, let me refer you to a great French historian, Henri Pirenne, who wrote the classic work on the role of cities in the transition from feudalism to capitalism in Europe. He seminal works provoked a long, rich literature since his work. All of that (works of George Duby, John Somerville, etc.) work will provide the answers and insights you seek.

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