Arlie Hochschild Interview - Please Triage

Prof. Wolff - Listened to your and other's recent interviews with Prof Hochschild and need some help putting her study into context. While she worked hard to not denigrate those she discussed - I unfortunately came away from her discussions even more convinced the Tea Party folks she talked with were just plain "bat-crap-crazy". Having a hard time seeing a way to really reach across and work together - when from what Prof. Hochschild described - so many of our fellow Americans have wrapped themselves in delusions she calls "deep story". From watching your discussions - if her subjects were high level politicians - I can't help you would kindly refer to them as "cuckoo". I don't like to think badly about others - but to be honest - Prof. Hochschild didn't leave me with much hope for the future - other than the lower life expectancy - which would mean waiting for the Tea Party - Right Wing to die out. If you feel comfortable with covering the issue - please triage and give us the positive aspects - or if you get a chance to interview Prof. Hochschild - please ask her to give more specifics on how she manages to see hope in the situation for the future.

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  • Clayton Seufert
    published this page in Ask Prof. Wolff 2016-10-01 08:44:43 -0400