Look at what happens when citizens vote to refuse tax give-aways to sports teams

The San Diego Chargers football team has been threatening to move from San Diego if the citizens here refuse to give them free land, buy them new stadium and give them all kinds of tax breaks for years. The citizens finally got fed up and voted no, we are not going to be extorted any more. The result? The billionaire owner of the Charges, Mr. Dean Spanos, is unsure what to do next. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/11/09/chargers-stadium-vote-fails-miserably-clouding-future-in-san-diego/?utm_term=.abfd0c2e7413

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The long, sad list of cities, counties, and states that have been hustled by sports teams into massive subsidies at tax-payer expense may finally have peaked in this San Diego vote. At the very least, future hustles will more likely received the skepticism and close scrutiny they should have had all along.

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