School Grades as Capitalist Control

Grading teaches meritocracy, which in turn helps deflect blame for capitalism's failures onto its victims. Grades are capitalism in action. Let's get them out of our schools. 
See it here on the The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow


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  • pasqual digesu
    commented 2019-11-19 11:42:27 -0500
    Also, municipal unions which use our tax money, which goes to their budgets, also pays police and school employees to lobby increases in our taxes while requiring substitute workers to fill their positions and increasing spending (Steve Levy you tube) This is wrongfully spent on personal activity and should be considered illegal. All states involved in this activity are the ones facing bankruptcy and the ones exercising desperate as well as questionable means for raising more money. These Unions are / can be ironically just as damaging to the general publics pocket book as they are helpful to the workers. Their management must be controlled in balancing realistic demands in taxes versus peoples incomes,,, in NY the amount collected forcefully (extorted?) through County muscle should be evident in the face of all other states requirements for providing education. Surpluses collected annually are also not returned to the tax payer similar with Defense budget allocations. Everyone is on the take,, and we still have not even discussed rules for overtime effects to pensions!!! Capitalistic control of schools should be also understood through the late senator Byrd’s remarks when he spoke publicly stating that the curriculums in the universities now do not push courses in psychiatry, philosophy, sociology, civics, political science, cultures, history and in his day even latin,,, subjects that create independent thinking people and imagination,,they now concentrate on mathematics and computer science in order to prepare our minnows for a place in the factory and its increasing empowerment and growth!!! I know students who graduate with honors having no clue of some of the most basic pieces of knowledge. Of course law and medicine is also chased but not predominantly for the love of the science as opposed to the home in the Hampton’s.
  • pasqual digesu
    commented 2019-11-18 23:02:13 -0500
    Lets not forget how schools now have a multitude of certified specialists fighting with pad and pencil to critique your child and justify their existence. No longer do we meet with just a teacher, we now meet with the school child psychiatrist, social worker, linguistic specialist, teachers aid, recommended doctors colluding with school, etc. I once asked if my child was enrolled in school or a sanitarium. The children are being separated in kindergarten to be placed and to fill special needs all inclusive classes, seats which draw the school 3 times the funds from Albany here in NY. The excuses include child aptitude is low in reading and math…. I was lucky to speak proper English when I left kindergarten. Another self built empire drawing more tax money than the private schools to which we cannot transfer our taxes to, no choice. Our districts on Long Island re-vote their budgets until their budget is passed throwing out previous votes and rendering them worthless. The forced collection is passed onto the county which claims it has no control over their budget. Much like organized crime. Vocational schools and Universities next!!