It seems inevitable at this point, Global economic collapse. While becoming aware of this myself, I also try to inform the people around me. And they look to me for answers. As humans we are always looking for a strategy. What do we do [before, during, after] the economy collapses? In other words, What does an economic collapse look like in modern days? Will we experience similar effects of the Great Depression? Hoovervilles, Bank failure, Mass Migration... these are things happening now in some form. Can we expect more of that or will we have a newer, stronger version of a depression because of the way society and economy has evolved? It's like a sick joke, but at this point between political revolution and economic collapse I don't see a situation without collateral damage. Should we start collecting cash stashing it in our mattresses? Hoarding bottles of water? I don't like comparing it to doomsday preppers, but that kind of conveys my question. Thank you! Everything you do helps me in so many ways. And I'm actually talking with Betsy and volunteering my time to help spread the word and make videos for you guys and Democracy at Work. -Matt Russell

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  • Matt Russell
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