RT's Boom Bust: "US better look at its own ‘slave labor’ problem before banning imports from China"

Prof. Wolff joins RT’s Boom Bust to discuss the possible US ban on agricultural imports from western China’s Xinjiang region, alleging that those goods could be produced with forced labor.

The ban is set to restrict tomato and cotton imports from the region. 

“Very dangerous slippery slope,” Wolff said referring to the planned move, which he calls purely political as the US tries to use China as “a whipping boy.”

American firms working in China should not react to “the political noise.” While the Trump administration has been actively trying to force the firms to relocate amid the escalating tensions, most are still not going to pack their things. 

“Business is doing business as usual in China, they are making enormous profits as they have,” Wolff noted, adding that the companies are not going to make any expensive decisions before the elections, hoping that this "scapegoat" rhetoric may go away.

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