Guaranteed minimum income

Are there any studies or statistics you know of that compare the costs of subsidizing (mostly corporations, of course) and workers competing for increasingly scarce and increasingly lower-paid jobs with providing a Guaranteed Minimum Income? 

I take your point about splitting society into workers and non-working consumers. That potential political-philosophical problem could be solved by a revolution in how we think about work and about unemployment. I direct any interested people to Ivan Illich's "The Right To Useful Unemployment." 

I see no absolute virtue in work for the sake of work. Our society mistakenly conflates purpose and work. There are a vast number of soul-sucking jobs that people, given an alternative, would leave to pursue their dreams if they could, which would benefit us all.


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Probably are such statistical efforts but they depend on myjriad assumptions and are always contested endlessly. On the point of work/non work dichotomy as socially divisive, that would apply to almost any definition of work unless it was tantamount to equal with non-work. Hegelian complexity but true nevertheless.

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